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World's First 'Dead Heart' Transplants Successful

Aussie breakthrough could save the lives of 30% more heart transplant patients

(Newser) - For 20 years, the heart transplant unit at Sydney's St. Vincent's Hospital has been working hard to figure out a way to transplant a dead heart into a live patient. Today doctors from the team announced their work had paid off: They have successfully completed three transplants using... More »

Woman Vows to Live Out Heart Donor's Bucket List

Susan Vieira to honor Kristina Chesterman

(Newser) - Kristina Chesterman, 21, was studying to be a nurse when she was killed by a suspected drunk driver last year—but she managed to save lives anyway. A registered organ donor, Chesterman gave five people, including a baby, new life, and now the woman who received her heart wants to... More »

Transplant Patient Stuns Doctors When Heart Heals

Doctors had all but given up on Michael Crowe

(Newser) - Michael Crowe's near-miraculous story began with a mundane case of stomach flu. But when he went frozen on the family couch a couple of days later—staring and sweating while his mother tried to slap him out of it—the 23-year-old Omaha resident was rushed to the hospital last... More »

World's Smallest Artificial Heart Saves Baby's Life

11-gram pump kept Italian boy alive before transplant

(Newser) - A 16-month-old Italian baby is alive today thanks to an artificial heart that only weighs about as much as two nickels. Doctors in a Rome hospital used the artificial heart, the world's smallest, to keep the boy alive for 13 days until a heart could be found for a... More »

Can a New Heart Give You a New Personality?

Yes, but don't expect Dick Cheney to turn Democrat

(Newser) - Dick Cheney officially has a new heart, and the jokes are rolling in (most recently, compliments of Jon Stewart ). No big surprise that many of them are of the "maybe he'll wake up a Democrat" ilk. Which leads Slate to ponder: "Could a heart transplant actually... More »

Was Dick Cheney Too Old for a Heart Transplant?

It's health, not age, that matters most: experts

(Newser) - Heart transplant recipients of Dick Cheney's age—that would be 71—"don't generally do so well" after the surgery, a leading cardiologist tells USA Today —but the former VP is by no means the oldest patient to undergo the procedure, experts say. In this case,... More »

Dick Cheney Has Heart Transplant

Former VP recuperating from surgery today

(Newser) - Dick Cheney had a heart transplant today and is recovering at a Virginia hospital, his office said. An aide to Cheney disclosed that the 71-year-old, who has had a long history of cardiovascular trouble, had been waiting for a transplant for more than 20 months. Cheney was recovering at the... More »

Transplant Team Dies in Helicopter Crash

Mayo Clinic crew on way to pick up heart

(Newser) - A heart surgeon and a transplant expert from the Mayo Clinic were killed along with the pilot when their helicopter crashed in northern Florida as they raced to pick up a heart for transplant. The team was on its way from Jacksonville to Gainesville when the helicopter crashed in a... More »

Man Gets Second Heart Implanted

Valentine's Day operation sees two hearts beating in tandem

(Newser) - The Tin Man would be jealous: This Valentine’s Day, a 36-year-old man received a second heart—without giving up his first. Because Tyson Smith was too weak for a transplant, doctors simply installed a second heart in his chest and attached it to his own—a rare operation that... More »

Dick Cheney Weighs Heart Transplant

But he still has enough energy to zing President Obama

(Newser) - Former Vice President Dick Cheney needs a new heart and may soon join a transplant list, he revealed in his first interview since major surgery. He's suffering from "end-stage" heart disease and will make a decision soon whether or not to go ahead with a transplant. In the meantime,... More »

Deadly Carbon Monoxide May Also Be Good For You

Small doses have medical benefits, researchers have found

(Newser) - Low-level doses of the deadly chemical carbon monoxide may actually have medical benefits, pioneering new research suggests. The research is preliminary, and no scientist denies the lethal results of CO poisoning. But studies in animals have found small, controlled doses of the gas can have benefits for organ transplantation and... More »

Japanese Law Prevents Boy's Life-Saving Transplant

(Newser) - A Japanese law prevents 11-year-old Hiroki Ando from receiving the heart he so desperately needs, CNN reports. Ando suffers from cardiomyopathy and will likely die—as his sister did 5 years ago—without a heart transplant. But the minimum age for organ donations in Japan is 15. "This stipulation... More »

Sick Baby Stuns Doctors By Surviving Off Life Support

Heart transplant canceled after baby girl defies doctors' expectations

(Newser) - A baby girl who almost became a heart donor unexpectedly survived when taken off life support, the Globe & Mail reports. Two-month-old Kaylee Wallace was born with a rare, incurable condition that doctors believed would stop her from breathing without assistance. But she rallied after her respirator was disconnected... More »

Harvesting Babies' Organs Scrutinized

Critics say hearts removed too soon to be sure donor was dead

(Newser) - A report on heart transplants involving babies has raised some thorny questions of medical ethics, the Washington Post reports. Hearts were taken from newborns suffering severe brain damage less than two minutes after the babies were disconnected from life support. The hearts saved the lives of terminally ill babies, but... More »

Tragic Bond Links Heart Donor, Recipient

Men married same woman, committed suicide 12 years apart

(Newser) - A Georgia man who took his own life last week had lived 12 years after receiving a transplanted heart from a South Carolina man who also committed suicide, police said. And in a twist worthy of Edgar Allan Poe, the donor's widow had met and married the recipient, the Hilton... More »

Transplant List Called Misleading

1/3 of patients on the list not eligible for surgery

(Newser) - Thousands of patients on a national list for organ transplants are actually ineligible to receive them, the Washington Post reports. One third of the 98,000 patients on the United Network for Organ Sharing list are either too sick or too healthy to get a new organ. Critics say including... More »

Scientists Rebuild Heart With Stem Cells

Advance could save heart disease patients, regrow other organs

(Newser) - Scientists rebuilt rat and pig hearts using stem cells taken from the recipients themselves, the Telegraph reports—a medical breakthrough that could help the 22 million people who suffer from heart failure worldwide. The technique, called whole organ decellularization, produced the world’s first functioning “bioartificial” heart within eight... More »

Cancer Drugs Show Promise in Autoimmune Disorders

Meds prevent donor organ rejection in mice

(Newser) - A new kind of cancer drug may be useful in treating autoimmune disorders and preventing transplant patients' bodies from rejecting donor tissue, new research reveals. The drugs seem to promote T-cells, which help regulate the body's immune system, Reuters reports. In mice, the drugs reversed inflammatory bowel syndrome and stopped... More »

Heart Valve Grown From Stem Cells

Could be available for human transplants in three years

(Newser) - A  British team has grown a human heart valve from stem cells—a breakthrough certain to ignite as much controversy as hope. Sir Magdi Yacoub, professor of cardiac surgery at Imperial College, tells the Guardian that growing a whole human heart from stem cells is less than a decade away:... More »

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