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Coming Soon: Drug to Treat Gambling Addicts?

New study discovers why some people may take financial risks

(Newser) - Why are some stock traders and gamblers so willing to take financial risks? A new study shares a possible answer: Scientists found that people with higher levels of the neurotransmitter norepinephrine in a critical part of the brain related to sensory and reward systems are less sensitive to the pain... More »

Domestic Violence Linked to Football Upsets

Local-team upsets match to an 8% upswing in abuse

(Newser) - Losses by local NFL teams may trigger episodes of domestic violence among their fans, a new study suggests. Researchers examined domestic violence reports in 1995-2006 and found that upsets of home teams matched up with an 8% bump in incidents of domestic violence. The surge in violence almost doubled when... More »

Phelps Takes Another Loss in Charlotte

Beaten by a second in 100-meter freestyle

(Newser) - A day after losing his first final in nearly a year, Michael Phelps lost again last night in Charlotte, this time in the 100-meter freestyle, the AP reports. The American came in almost a second behind France’s Frederick Bousquet, who holds the world record for 50 meters. “The... More »

Dad's Death Made Diaz 'Stronger'

(Newser) - Her father's recent death "definitely took its toll,” Cameron Diaz admits on a drive from Los Angeles to Palm Springs. “Things are given to us, and things are taken away." But Diaz's big, bright laugh is never far away. She talks happily about her new film—... More »

4 Stories