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Energy Firms Secretly in Bed With Republican AGs

Scale of collaboration with state AGs 'unprecedented'

(Newser) - Republican attorneys general have teamed up with energy companies to fight federal environmental regulation in what a New York Times investigation says is an "unprecedented, secretive alliance." Attorneys general in at least a dozen states are so cozy with energy firms and other big corporations that they do... More »

As US Electricity Use Stalls, Utilities Scramble

Household use to expand just 0.7% per year: feds

(Newser) - Sure, you're attached at the hip to your iPad and like to crank your air conditioner, but electricity guzzling isn't what it used to be in the US. In the middle of the 20th century, electricity use grew about 8% yearly; now, it's set to expand just... More »

Most Dangerous Part of Oil Jobs: Driving Home

Exemptions allow drivers to head home after 20-hour shifts

(Newser) - You know what's more dangerous than working on an oil rig? Driving home from one. More than 300 oil and gas workers have died in car crashes in the past decade, making it the top cause of death in a dangerous industry, the New York Times reports. The probable... More »

Argentina Seizing Key Energy Firm

Kirchner to nationalize 'predatory' YPF

(Newser) - The government of Argentina, claiming that a rise in oil imports is making the country "unviable," is taking control of the country's main oil producer. President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has announced plans to nationalize YPF, and is sending a bill to the country's senate allowing... More »

US Becoming Net Fuel Exporter

More going out than coming in for first time since 1949

(Newser) - This is going to be the first year since 1949 in which America exports more fuel than it imports, thanks to sagging demand at home and booming economies elsewhere. The US still imports around 9 million barrels of crude oil every day, but soaring exports of refined petroleum products are... More »

Biotech Firm Says It Can Grow Diesel

Joule Unlimited's organism absorbs sunlight, carbon dioxide, secretes fuel

(Newser) - A Massachusetts biotech company says it has created an organism capable of radically transforming the energy business—and the world. Joule Unlimited claims its genetically-engineered organism can create diesel fuel or ethanol using only the same ingredients grass needs to grow: sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide. Skeptics, however, doubt whether... More »

Energy Group to Academy: No Oscar for Gasland!

Film includes 'outright falsehoods:' letter

(Newser) - It's not uncommon for industries to try and discredit documentaries that harm their image, but this time, an energy group is appealing directly to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Energy in Depth wants to make sure the Academy knows that Gasland should not be considered for an... More »

Thank Dick Cheney for Gulf Oil Spill

Blogger connects dots and finds arrow pointing to ex-VP

(Newser) - The scope of the Gulf oil spill is far from clear, but the finger-pointing is already under way, and a lot of fingers ought to be aiming at Dick Cheney, Alex Pareene blogs for Salon . Connecting the dots that begin with a Wall Street Journal exposé, we learn that Cheney's... More »

Regulate, Baby, Regulate; Drilling Won't Solve Much

Only energy industry re-regulation can stop zooming gas prices

(Newser) - President Obama's decision to open up new offshore drilling was a brilliant political move that may or may not harm the environment, Thomas Frank writes in the Wall Street Journal. But if Obama wants to avoid a repeat of the oil price crisis of 2008—that which fueled the "... More »

US Oil Surplus Puts Dow Off 65

(Newser) - Reports of greater-than-expected US oil reserves sent crude prices and markets tumbling today, the Wall Street Journal notes. The manufacturing sector fell, and the Dow’s energy component was off 4.1%. “People are looking at the inventory report today as a really good chance to take some money... More »

Energy, Tech Climb; Dow Up 39

Investors take grim jobs report in stride

(Newser) - Stocks closed with small gains after spending the day mostly in the red on the news of a 25-year high in unemployment, the Wall Street Journal reports. Anticipating governments’ stimulus plans will increase fuel demand globally, investors put their money into energy stocks. Tech also performed well after a strong... More »

House Unveils Clean Energy Plan

Democrats' plan aims for a painless shift toward a clean energy economy

(Newser) - House Democrats released a draft bill yesterday that aims to fast-track a shift to clean energy, reports the Christian Science Monitor. The plan calls for vastly improved energy efficiency, accelerated development of clean energy sources, and a 20% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The draft was hailed by supporters as... More »

Clean Coal Myth Proves Industry Is Declining

(Newser) - Clean coal is a myth, and the companies selling it “have their heads stuck in the mine,” Thomas Kostigen writes on MarketWatch. Although Americans generate close to 50% of their energy from coal, the technology is so yesterday—and the industry is not poised to move forward. It... More »

Dow Ends Bad Week Down 82

Energy firms see gains on oil rally

(Newser) - Stocks fell today after treading water for most of the session, the Wall Street Journal reports. Financials fell, but a rise in energy stocks spurred by a $3.53 gain in the price of oil buoyed indices somewhat. The House passage of the stimulus plan seemed to have little effect... More »

Dow Clears 9,000 to Open '09

Market discounts poor manufacturing report

(Newser) - Stocks rallied in the first session of 2009, with energy stocks leading advances on a jump in crude oil prices, MarketWatch reports. GM rose after announced changes to GMAC policy expected to give prospective buyers more financing options. In light trading volume, the Dow climbed 258.30 points to close... More »

Buffett Strikes as Investors Flee; Buys Energy Firm

In his first move of the current market crisis, the Oracle collects more energy

(Newser) - Warren Buffett swooped in yesterday with one of his patented moves, his first during the current market turmoil. He purchased Constellation Energy Group, Baltimore’s large hometown energy supplier, after its stock plummeted by 60 percent since Monday, the Sun reports. As investors fled the company, Buffett saw opportunity, adding... More »

Energy Firm to Tell Investors of Risks From Global Warming

Xcel agrees to first pact of its kind with NY AG

(Newser) - A major builder of coal-fired power plants has agreed to fully inform investors of the risks global warming poses to its business in a landmark deal with New York's attorney general. Green groups hope the agreement by Xcel Energy will spur other firms to follow suit, reports the New York ... More »

School Buses Plug In to Hybrid

Eleven states are rolling out Environmentally Sound fleets

(Newser) - School buses, usually in the slow lane, are passing automobiles by when it comes to converting to plug-in hybrid power, says the Christian Science Monitor.  While plug-in hybrid cars are still a few years off,  the buses are already rolling off assembly lines, and 19 have been ordered... More »

GOP Insiders Nuke Global Warming

87% of Republicans on the Hill don't believe in climate change. The rest have a solution: nuclear power

(Newser) - The more powerful the evidence for global warming becomes, the more skeptical hard-line Republicans appear to be. Resistance to the case against greenhouse gases is hardening into conservative dogma, Jonathan Chait writes.  Last year, 23 per cent of Congressional Republicans said they believed humanity’s contribution to global warming... More »

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