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Coming Soon: Bacon-Flavored Soda

Sounds, uh ... good?

(Newser) - Bacon makes everything better—so it goes without saying that bacon-flavored soda will be a hit, right? Two companies with a penchant for weird stuff are coming together to create the savory beverage: J&D Foods, a company that also makes bacon-flavored envelopes and bacon beauty products, and Jones Soda,... More »

America's 10 Most Noxious Eats

(Newser) - From fries drenched in salad dressing to cheeseburgers mashed between glazed donuts, Americans are not known for always possessing the most refined palettes. Minyanville takes a look at some of the worst offenders.
  • The KFC Famous Bowl, described as tasting like “your nephew’s half-eaten dinner plate”, mixes fried
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2 Stories