Naval Observatory

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Karen Pence Has Naval Observatory Abuzz

Second lady has installed beehive at the veep's official residence

(Newser) - Second lady Karen Pence has opened their government residence to more than a few new inhabitants: honeybees. At least 15,000 of them. Pence showed off the beehive Tuesday, reports the AP , partly to draw attention to a decline in managed bee colonies that she and other officials say could... More »

Biden: Secret Bunker? What Secret Bunker?

VP denies he divulged 'undisclosed location' beneath residence

(Newser) - Joe Biden did not—repeat, not—disclose the existence of a bunker at the Naval Observatory used by former VP Dick Cheney, Politico reports. “What the vice president described in his comments was not—as some press reports have suggested—an underground facility,” a Biden aide said today.... More »

2 Stories