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TSA Glitch Causes 3,000 Bags and Counting to Miss Flights Thursday

It's unclear when the problem will get fixed

(Newser) - The TSA says it is still experiencing delays in its checked bag screening system at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, which has resulted in more than 3,000 bags missing flights so far. TSA spokesperson Nico Melendez says the technical issue began about 6:45am Thursday. There's no estimate... More »

Flier Gets Lost Luggage Back—20 Years Later

Phone call from TSA shocks Maria Dellos

(Newser) - There's the headache of an airline temporarily losing your luggage, and then there's Maria Dellos' story. When the Tucson woman got a phone call on Tuesday about luggage that had turned up in the TSA's lost and found, she expected it was a follow-up regarding bags that... More »

JetBlue Cuts Legroom, Adds Bag Fees

Which leaves Southwest as only airline without such fees

(Newser) - The latest flower in the drooping and ponderous bouquet we like to call "why everyone hates airlines" comes via special delivery from JetBlue, which is cutting one thing passengers do like and adding one thing they don't. The airline, which the Wall Street Journal notes is looking to... More »

Spirit Airlines to Charge $100 for Carry-Ons

Move comes as boycott movement crops up on Facebook

(Newser) - Now that other airlines are jumping on the fees-for-carry-ons band wagon, Spirit Airlines wants you to be sure and remember that they were the first . The airline is jacking up its carry-on fees, which will now range from between $20 a bag all the way up to an eye-popping $100,... More »

Airline Bag Fees Hit $400

At least for an overweight international bag on some airlines

(Newser) - How crazy have airline baggage fees gotten? Well, checking an overweight (that's a 71- to 100-pound) bag will now cost you a whopping $400 on most Continental Airlines international flights. And Continental isn’t alone either, according to a survey of major carriers by USA Today ; United Airlines also... More »

Delta Stings Returning Soldiers for Baggage Fees

Troops returning from Afghanistan told to pay up

(Newser) - A unit of soldiers on their way home had to shell out nearly $3000 of their own money in excess baggage fees to Delta Airlines. The troops, whose orders stated that they could check in up to four bags free of charge, had to pay $200 for every fourth bag... More »

Spirit Air Rolls Out Carry-on Fees

Airline says it went off without a hitch, will save time

(Newser) - Spirit Airlines rolled out its new fees on carry-on baggage today, lauding the move as a way to save time in loading and unloading planes. "The check-in process is going well so far," said a spokeswoman. Since airlines started charging for checked luggage, more passengers have brought carry-on... More »

5 Airlines Agree Not to Charge Fee for Carry-On Bags

American, Delta, United, US Airways, JetBlue make a deal

(Newser) - Five major carriers agreed today not to follow the lead of a small Florida airline that plans to charge for carry-on bags. Their commitment comes just in time to keep travelers from running for the exits during the peak summer flying season, but it is doubtful that it marks a... More »

For $249 Annual Fee, United Will Waive Bag Charges

Fee covers two bags per flight, and up to 8 passengers booked at same time

(Newser) - Fly United frequently, or planning to use the airline for the next couple family vacations? For a $249 annual fee, United will waive fees for your first two checked bags—and it covers up to eight people traveling on the same booking. With a $20 charge for the first bag... More »

US Airways Raising Bag Fees

Domestic checked-bag fee increases by $5

(Newser) - US Airways is following the lead of its competitors and raising bag fees, reports the East Bay Business Times. On domestic flights, the first checked bag will cost $25 and the second will cost $30, a $5 bump for both. If the bags are checked at the airport instead of... More »

Baggage Fees Soar as Fuel Prices Drop

Budget-conscious passengers cram overhead bins

(Newser) - When airlines instituted new baggage fees, they said it was to offset high fuel prices. Since then, even though energy prices have fallen, the fees haven't gone anywhere but up. In the first quarter, airlines pulled in $566 million in fees, putting them on pace to double last year’s... More »

Ryanair Hits Low-Tech Flyers With $60 Fee

No printed-up boarding card? Pony up. Oh, and it's $7.50 to check in

(Newser) - Perhaps inspired by airlines banking hundreds of millions of dollars in bag fees last year, discount European carrier Ryanair is introducing new baggage check fees, BlackBook reports. Ryanair customers will have to pony up a $7.50 fee to check in online, and pay a further $60—termed a “... More »

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