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Curtis Allina, Father of PEZ Dispenser, Dead at 87

Holocaust survivor turned Austrian smoking substitute into kids candy

(Newser) - Curtis Allina, the man most credited with popularizing the modern PEZ dispenser, is dead at 87. His family says the cause was heart failure. Allina, born in Prague in 1922, was the only member of his Sephardic Jewish family to survive the Holocaust. After the war, he traveled to New... More »

Pez Sues Calif. Museum Over Outsized Dispenser

(Newser) - Pez is suing a California store and museum over an 8-foot-tall dispenser custom-made for the establishment—and thus not sanctioned by the Austrian candy-maker, the San Jose Mercury News reports. “From a branding perspective, I think Pez should embrace the Dosses and the museum, instead of trying to attack... More »

12 Museums of Odd Things

(Newser) - Trying to awake from the nightmare of history? Mental Floss' list of 12 "oddly specific" American museums may only give you bad dreams:
  • The SPAM Museum: Complete with a wall of 5,000 SPAM tins and a scale plant where visitors can suit up in white coats and
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3 Stories