David Williams

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Groom Hits on Pregnant Server, Brawl Ensues

Jailed newlywed tried to make waitress drink liquor, she says

(Newser) - A wedding bash on a Pittsburgh boat over the weekend went terribly wrong, ending with the arrests of an off-duty state trooper, a local school board member, and the groom himself, with the bride standing forlornly on the curb as they were taken away. The reported reason for the chaos:... More »

Accused Bronx Bombers' Gals Cry 'Entrapment'

They say informant plied 'sensitive' men with drugs, rent money

(Newser) - The girlfriends of two accused synagogue bomb plotters say their beaus were duped by an overeager informant, the New York Daily News reports. "David is the most sensitive man I've ever met," said Cassandra McCoy of her Bronx boyfriend, David Williams. "He has three leatherbound books of... More »

Accused NY Plotters, 'Eager' to Kill Jews, Denied Bail

Would-be temple bombers 'eager to bring death to Jews': feds

(Newser) - A federal judge today ordered three New York men accused of plotting to blow up a synagogue and target military aircraft to be held without bail, the Journal News reports. “These were people who were eager to bring death to Jews,” said an assistant US attorney. The aspiring... More »

3 Stories