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Top Chef Must Pay $1.3M After Customer Eats Wire

Jury wanted to 'send a message' to chef Daniel Boulud, says lawyer

(Newser) - Perhaps the last thing you'd expect while dining at a Michelin-starred chef's restaurant: to swallow an inch-long piece of wire from a cheap grill brush that was embedded in your coq au vin. Yet that's what happened to Barry Brett in February 2015 while he was eating... More »

Grilling App Crashes After Zuckerberg Praises It

iGrill makers thrilled with endorsement

(Newser) - Want to boost traffic to your site? Try getting an endorsement from Mark Zuckerberg. His Facebook post on the iGrill app caused so much traffic that it shut down iGrill's servers for two hours. The app is a wireless cooking thermometer for Apple touchscreen devices, and Zuck's post... More »

Gas Grills Are Un-American

Josh Ozersky makes a case for charcoal

(Newser) - Gas grilling isn’t just lazy: “It's nihilism in a tank, and it has to stop now,” writes Josh Ozersky in a passionate ode to charcoal grilling. His effusive Time column rhapsodizes about coal, elevating it to the level of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness... More »

101 Innovative Grill Recipes

Put down that pack of hot dogs and try some of these

(Newser) - This Independence Day, don’t limit yourself to burgers and dogs on the grill. Mark Bittman offers up 101 innovative ideas for your backyard BBQ, from meat and veggies to desserts, in the New York Times :
  • Tomatoes: Grill ripe tomatoes until hot and lightly charred; serve with olive oil, salt,
... More »

Get Fired Up for Grill Season

(Newser) - With the outdoor cooking season kicking off this week, barbecue guru Steven Raichlen offers some grill tips in Esquire you shouldn’t have gone so long without:
  • Get the grill screaming hot: Put your hand 3 inches off the grate, and if “ouch” comes in 2-3 seconds, you’re
... More »

5 Stories