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In Screw-up, Donald Duck Comic Book Touts Holocaust

Publisher recalls comics misusing 'Holocaust' as congratulatory word

(Newser) - It was just a mistake, says a comic book publisher, but no one found it funny. In the latest version of a German comic book based on Disney characters, a duck dignitary in Duckburg uses the word "Holocaust" as a congratulatory term to express kudos to hero firefighters. "... More »

Ban Disney From Delivery Room

'Stop Disney sales reps from pouncing on newborns'

(Newser) - Popping out a baby is no Mickey Mouse experience—even though Disney would like it to be. Sales reps gone Goofy and laden with Disney products are invading maternity wards across the nation to turn very tiny Americans just hours old into cartoon character consumers. Reps at 580 hospitals are... More »

Donald Duck Molested Me: Disney World Lawsuit

Woman sues Disney for $200K over alleged boob grab

(Newser) - A Pennsylvania woman is suing Disney World, alleging that an employee in a Donald Duck costume felt her up in the autograph line at Epcot 2 years ago. That didn’t just embarrass 27-year-old April Magolon, the lawsuit alleges, but caused “severe physical injury” and a “shock to... More »

Deutschland's Donald Duck Quacks Philosophical

Translated comics enjoy huge success

(Newser) - Donald Duck, German intellectual? The reputation may sound silly to Americans, but Susan Bernofsky explores in the Wall Street Journal how the Donald enjoys popularity in Germany that goes far beyond wacky adventures. In fact, thanks largely to souped-up German translations, he is known better for his complex intellectual opining... More »

4 Stories