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'Price Is Right' Hands Out Most Cringeworthy Prize

Contestant in wheelchair wins a brand-new ... treadmill

(Newser) - As Danielle Perez's friend puts it , at least we all now know that The Price Is Right isn't fixed. In an episode that aired yesterday, Perez made her way out of Contestant's Row and onto the stage with host Drew Carey, where she promptly price-guessed her way... More »

Thousands Go to ER for Treadmill Injuries—Even Kids

SurveyMonkey CEO's sudden death reminds us exercise equipment can be dangerous

(Newser) - The sudden death of SurveyMonkey CEO David Goldberg after he apparently fell off a treadmill was a tragedy for those who loved him—and a reminder to everyone else that fitness machines can be dangerous if not used properly. In fact, according to data from the US Consumer Product Safety... More »

The Way You Walk Can Change Your Mood

Researchers find a bouncier gait can affect happiness

(Newser) - Being happy may very well put a little bounce in our step, but new research suggests that if we purposefully walk this way we may be able to actually elevate our mood. Reporting in the Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry , researchers say they enlisted a group of volunteers... More »

Treadmill Desks: What They're Really Like

Health benefits greatly outweigh the occasional coffee spill

(Newser) - Sitting while reading this? That's too bad, because sitting for hours every day is known to be unhealthy and walking on a treadmill desk is quite a gas, writes Susan Orlean at the New Yorker . A treadmill desk, or "walking workstation," is simply a treadmill under a... More »

Man You Can Blame for Your Dusty Treadmill Dead at 96

William Staub last seen on treadmill just 2 months ago

(Newser) - William Staub, who took the treadmill—that ubiquitous piece of exercise equipment that is loved and loathed by millions—into homes and gyms, died Thursday at his Clifton, NJ, home. He was 96 and had been spied on a treadmill as recently as two months ago. Staub, a mechanical engineer,... More »

Paralyzed Rats Run in Breakthrough Experiment

Application for humans with spinal injuries not far off

(Newser) - Scientists have made paralyzed rats run again by using a new technique that could one day have wheelchair-bound people walking, reports AFP. Rats, whose spinal cords had been severed, ran when scientists applied electrical charges and drugs. "In some cases they actually walked with more consistent locomotive patterns than... More »

Cancer Fears Drive Fitness Buffs Indoors

Dermatologists warn on workouts in the sun

(Newser) - Health experts warn us to keep fit while also pestering us to beware of the sun's damaging rays. The solution, for many: indoor workouts. “I refuse to exercise outdoors,” one avid stationary cyclist tells the Boston Globe. She said she considers the sun a harbinger of cancer, not... More »

Mike Tyson's Daughter Accidentally Strangled

4-year-old critical after tangle with treadmill

(Newser) - Mike Tyson’s 4-year-old daughter is on life support at a Phoenix hospital after strangling herself with a treadmill cord this morning in what appears to have been a freak accident, Fox News reports. The girl’s 7-year-old brother discovered her hanging by the neck from an exercise machine in... More »

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