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10-Year-Old Graduates From High School

Tanishq Abraham wants to cure cancer, be president

(Newser) - Tanishq Abraham has modest goals for a 10-year-old—he'd like to cure cancer and become president. Which probably seems realistic to the Sacramento prodigy, because Abraham just became one of the youngest children to ever graduate high school, earning him a letter of congratulations from Barack Obama. "It... More »

This Family Had 7 Kids in College by Age 12

Homeschooling wasn't 'tedious' at the Harding house

(Newser) - There's a family of 12 in Montgomery, Ala., that calls itself the "Brainy Bunch," and for good reason. Kip and Mona Lisa Harding's seven oldest children were all in college by the age of 12, reports. At 22, Serennah Harding may be the youngest... More »

Girl, 13, Has Memorized 2.3K Digits of Pi

She recites 1.7K in competition to win prize

(Newser) - On Friday, March 14—dubbed "Pi Day" because, well, 3/14—13-year-old Rachel Ooi won $314.15 (yes, 1 and 5 are the next two digits in pi) by reciting 1,715 digits of pi from memory. And that's not the best she can do: Ooi tells the Tennessean... More »

Bronx Prodigy, 13, Heads to College

Autum Ashante speaks three languages; has 149 IQ

(Newser) - A young prodigy from the Bronx is headed to the University of Connecticut—at age 13. She already speaks three foreign languages: Arabic, Swahili, and Spanish. Her IQ tests at 149, better than most college students’. And she’s traveled the US performing spoken word, reports Black Voices via the... More »

13-Year-Old Quarterback Accepts USC Offer

If all goes well, David Sills will be in California—in 5 years

(Newser) - Unlike many 13-year-olds, David Sills knows exactly where he’ll be in 5 years: playing football for USC. The Delaware quarterback has made a verbal commitment to Lane Kiffin after the coach was wowed by a YouTube video of the phenom and offered him a scholarship. “His skill set... More »

7-Year-Old Hailed as Next Picasso

Kieron Williamson's paintings are selling for thousands

(Newser) - Art dealers are praising a 7-year-old British boy as a painting prodigy on par with Pablo Picasso. Kieron Williamson’s atmospheric landscapes are already in high demand; at a recent auction he sold 16 of them for $29,280 in just 14 minutes, with buyers coming from as far away... More »

5-Year-Old Drummer Wows YouTube

Jonah Rocks is sure to be a big deal

(Newser) - The latest sensation getting the Internet’s attention: Jonah Rocks , a 5-year-old drummer whose YouTube videos will likely blow your mind. BuzzFeed and the Huffington Post are both pointing to his website . Check out a few of his videos in the gallery. More »

Newfound Mozart Works Written in Sister's Book

(Newser) - Two pieces by a 7- or 8-year-old Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart went undiscovered for more than a century because they were written in his father Leopold’s hand, the New York Times reports. Austrian researchers have disclosed new details about the works after announcing the finding in July: The music consists... More »

Cue the Kid: Toddler Runs Pool Table

Keith stands on chair for slices, bank shots

(Newser) - A New York toddler in diapers has become a YouTube hit as he runs a pool table with deftly delivered slices and bank shots, reports the AP.  Keith O'Dell, 2, is the youngest member of the American Pool Association and recently staged an exhibition in Vegas. He started knocking... More »

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