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Sao Paulo to Forcibly Commit Crack Addicts

Brazilian state adopts new strategy amid soaring demand

(Newser) - Officials in Brazil's most populous state say they will start forcing adult crack addicts to go to rehabilitation centers in an effort to curb growing use of the drug. The Sao Paulo state plan was announced yesterday and is scheduled to begin in 10 days. Addicts who refuse treatment... More »

Fire Kills 26 in Peru Drug Rehab Center

Locked doors, barred windows trap residents

(Newser) - A fire swept through a two-story private rehabilitation center for addicts in a poor part of Peru's capital today, killing at least 26 people as firefighters punched holes through walls to rescue residents locked inside. The "Christ is Love" center for drug and alcohol addicts was unlicensed and... More »

Giffords Leaves Hospital for Rehab

Rep ready to be moved to rehab center

(Newser) - Gabrielle Giffords was moved from the Houston hospital where she's been recuperating to a nearby rehabilitation facility today, after her condition was upgraded from serious to good. Police halted traffic along the route, and construction workers draped tarps around one of the rehab center's entrances to obscure Giffords' arrival, the... More »

Giffords Heard Cheers, Teared Up

Rep looks 'spectacular,' has 'great rehab potential,' say new team

(Newser) - Gabrielle Giffords' Tucson doctors handed her over to Houston rehab officials in a "flawless transfer" yesterday, and the congresswoman responded to Arizona crowds cheering along her route by "smiling and even tearing up a little bit," says one of her doctors. Giffords' plane flew 14,000 feet... More »

Gabrielle Giffords to Leave Hospital in Weeks ... or Days

She'll next be moved to a rehabilitation center

(Newser) - The miraculous recovery is sounding even more miraculous: Gabrielle Giffords could be discharged from her Tucson hospital in weeks, or even days. Her doctors made the announcement yesterday, adding that her family is currently searching for the rehabilitation center that Giffords will move to next, reports the Wall Street Journal... More »

17 Massacred at Mexican Rehab Clinic

(Newser) - Hooded gunmen killed 17 people after storming a Mexican drug and alcohol rehab center in Ciudad Juarez yesterday, Sky News reports. The men, believed to be hitmen from a drug cartel, forced the patients to line up in a corrider before gunning them down. Gangs have targeted rehab clinics in... More »

Ronnie Wood Rolls Into Rehab

Rolling Stone seeks help after boozy jaunt to Ireland with teen waitress

(Newser) - Rapidly aging rocker Ronnie Wood has checked back into rehab—his seventh time—for help with his drinking problem, the Independent reports. The 61-year-old Rolling Stone returned to the UK to straighten out, apparently in a bid to save his marriage. He had fled to Ireland with a 19-year-old Russian... More »

Rocker Tyler No Longer Livin' On the Edge

Aerosmith dude checks into celeb rehab center

(Newser) - Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler has checked into a California rehab facility, E! Online reports. The singer is being treated for undisclosed substance abuse at the center where Dr. Drew's Celebrity Rehab was filmed. The dad of actress Liv Tyler had been clean for over 20 years since his wild '70s... More »

Nursing Homes Misuse Meds to Control Patients

'Off label' antipsychotic use drives up costs, sparks concern

(Newser) - Understaffed US nursing homes are increasingly turning to antipsychotic drugs to control elderly residents, even though most display symptoms of dementia rather than the psychotic disorders the drugs are intended to treat, the Wall Street Journal reports. Such “off-label” usage defies FDA warnings that elderly patients using the drugs... More »

Lohan Hopes Third Time's a Charm in Rehab

Starlet takes substance-abuse woes to posh Utah lodge

(Newser) - Lindsay Lohan checked into a luxe Utah rehab facility over the weekend, the Insider reports, on the heels of an arrest for drunk driving and drug possession. Boasting a battery of therapies and a price tag of at least $30K, the Cirque Lodge is rumored to have hosted celebs David... More »

Celebs Turning Rehab Into Joke: Experts

Lohan, Spears 'waltzing' in and out of treatment sends wrong message

(Newser) - The debauched lifestyles of celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears are turning substance-abuse rehab into a punch line, making light of a process that helps thousands of people each year, say experts. Lohan was arrested on suspicion of DUI this week just days after finishing rehab; in February, Spears... More »

Swank Rehab Center Sues Courtney Love

The court forced her into rehab. Now will it make her pay the bill?

(Newser) - Courtney Love, mother to Francis Bean, widow to Kurt Cobain, and unexplainable guest at Comedy Central's Pamela Anderson roast, is in the courts again. No drugs or assault on the docket this time: Beau Monde International, a plush rehab facility where Love spent three months in 2005, is trying to... More »

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