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No Joke: Blondes Building Blonde Resort

Lithuanian firm wants fair-haired mecca in Maldives

(Newser) - Blonde ambition or blatant racism? That's the question surrounding a Lithuanian firm's plans to build a blonde resort in the Maldives. The property will be staffed, of course, by blondes—leaving locals to wonder if non-whites will be excluded, notes the BBC , "This is racist and should not be... More »

Blonds Are More 'Warlike'

Getting more attention makes them more aggressive: study

(Newser) - Blonds might have more fun, but they definitely have more aggression, researchers claim. Fair-haired women are far more likely to fight for their rights than brunettes or redheads, new research has found. They slip into a “warlike” streak because they attract more attention than others and are used to... More »

007 Hot to Score With Dark-Haired Yanks

(Newser) - Leave it to professors to nail down exactly what type of woman James Bond wants in bed. A team of pop culture researchers have pored over the mythical MI-5 spy's list of 195 female contacts in the first 20 Bond movies to determine the sex partner he most prefers: women... More »

Elvis, Marilyn Treasures Up for Auction

(Newser) - The last clothing Marilyn Monroe wore and Elvis Presley's pill bottles are hitting the auction block in Las Vegas next month, reports the BBC. Monroe's bathrobe, believed to be what she was wearing the night she overdosed on sleeping pills in 1962, is expected to fetch some $6,000. Her... More »

4 Stories