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World's Most Valuable Models

From Gisele, Kate, and Adriana to some you've never heard of

(Newser) - Even supermodels are making less money these days. The Daily Beast came up with a formula to determine which are the most valuable, based on everything from runway work (weighed 10%) to cover appearances (10%) to income from contracts (40%):
  1. Gisele Bündchen: She no longer walks the runway, but
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The World's Top-Earning Models

Earnings down but Bundchen still managed to rake in $25 million

(Newser) - The downturn didn't spare the catwalk, but the world's top-earning models are still a long way from the breadline. Forbes lists the top 10 earners over the past year.
  1. Gisele Bundchen ($25 million, down $10 million from the previous year)
  2. Heidi Klum ($16 million)
  3. Kate Moss ($8.5 million)
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2 Stories