McAllen, Texas

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Here's What Trump Will Do During His Border Visit

He still might declare national emergency

(Newser) - President Trump is taking the shutdown battle to the US-Mexico border, seeking to bolster his case for the border wall after negotiations with Democrats blew up over his funding demands. On Wednesday, Trump stalked out of a meeting with congressional leaders —"I said bye-bye," he tweeted soon... More »

Texas Cities Are Top in Uninsured Residents

Cities in California have lowest rates of uninsured

(Newser) - Seven of the 10 US cities with the lowest rates of uninsured Americans are in California. On the flip side, eight of the 10 cities with the highest rates of uninsured residents are in Texas. That's according to WalletHub , which reviewed the overall insurance rates in 547 US cities... More »

Women Have It Especially Rough in These 5 Cities

Gadsden, Ala., ranks worst: 24/7 Wall St.

(Newser) - Women earn about 80% of what men do nationwide. But in some US metropolitan areas, they earn as little as 53%. The gender pay gap is just one factor that went into determining the best and worst US metropolitan areas for women, per 24/7 Wall St . Also based on life... More »

This Is the Least Educated US City

Sorry, McAllen-Edinburg-Mission

(Newser) - You might want to think twice before you start a scholarly debate with anyone from Ann Arbor. The Michigan city is the most educated in America—by far—according to WalletHub . The site ranked the most educated cities based on the education level of adults 25 and older, plus the... More »

5 US Cities With the Most, Least Divorce

Carson City, Nev., has highest percentage of divorcees

(Newser) - And they lived happily ever after ... in some cities more than others. A new report from 24/7 Wall St. looks at the US cities with the highest and lowest percentage of divorcees. The site acknowledges that a variety of factors can fuel a divorce but observes "it is more... More »

10 Fattest Cities in America

Jackson, Mississippi, takes the top spot

(Newser) - WalletHub has ranked 2017's fattest cities in America, and—as the US is once again the fattest country in the world—possibly the fattest cities anywhere. More than 70% of Americans over the age of 15 are considered overweight or obese by one metric. WalletHub ranked 100 of... More »

Sick of Allergies? Avoid These 10 Cities

Louisville is worst offender, says allergy group

(Newser) - Allergy experts have unveiled the worst cities in the US for those with spring allergies, and Louisville, Ky., is the place you most want to avoid if you're an allergy sufferer. It moves up from No. 5 last year to the top spot this year. "The river provides... More »

Out of Abandoned Texas Walmart, a Vast New Library

McAllen Public Library a whopping 125K square feet

(Newser) - When McAllen, Texas, found itself with an abandoned Walmart on its hands, it didn't just bring in another store: It used the building to create a new library. And that library just so happens to be the largest single-story library in the country—and the winner of the International... More »

America's Fattest City Is ...

McAllen, Texas, has No. 1 obesity rate

(Newser) - America is the fattest country in the world , and Mississippi the fattest state . But where are the most overweight cities? Surprisingly, none of the top 10 are in Mississippi. Instead, the metro area of McAllen-Edinburg-Mission, Texas, close to the border with Mexico, tips the scales at No. 1 with... More »

Man Kills Tot for Crying During World Cup: Cops

Texas thug facing capital murder charge

(Newser) - A man is facing a capital murder charge in Texas for allegedly killing a toddler who kept crying while he was watching the USA-Ghana soccer game last week. Investigators say illegal immigrant Hector Castro beat and suffocated his 2-year-old stepdaughter and then forced a screw down her throat to make... More »

Why Our Health Care System Is a Mess

(Newser) - For a clear example of our warped health care system, look no further than McAllen, Texas. The border town is second only to Miami in how much it spends on health care per person—$15,000 per Medicare enrollee, twice the national average. The problem? Atul Gawande of the New ... More »

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