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1.3M Argue Trump's Visit to UK Will Embarrass the Queen

President's travel ban has sparked outrage in Britain

(Newser) - A state visit to Britain by President Trump later this year will go ahead, the prime minister's office said Monday, despite increasing calls for it to be canceled over his temporary ban on residents of seven majority-Muslim countries from traveling to the US, the AP reports. Furor over the... More »

Shinzo Abe Headed to Pearl Harbor to 'Comfort Souls'

It will be first time a Japanese leader has visited the site in Hawaii

(Newser) - Right after Christmas comes a first for the US: a Japanese leader will visit Pearl Harbor. The Straits Times reports that PM Shinzo Abe will be in Hawaii for two days at the end of December to meet with President Obama, and he'll make a stop at the site... More »

Obama Lands in Israel Amid Low Expectations

Iran, Syria, Palestine will be discussed

(Newser) - President Obama arrived in Israel today for his first visit to the country since taking office, the AP reports, calling the itinerary "laden more with symbolism than substance." Foremost on the agenda: Iran's nuclear program, the Syria conflict, and the Israel-Palestine peace process. Obama is meeting with... More »

Obama Gave Cameron ... a Grill?

It's the latest gift that seems to have come out of left field

(Newser) - It's better than a gift card, but the White House's latest round of gifts for a foreign dignitary is raising a few eyebrows: President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, have presented the British PM David Cameron and his wife, Samantha, with a wood and charcoal burning grill... More »

Obama's 'Beast' No Match for Irish Ramp

Limo bottoms out on way out of US Embassy, prez forced to take backup car

(Newser) - President Obama's "Beast" limousine is built to withstand assassins' bullets, bombs, and terrorist attacks—but apparently not Irish speed bumps. The 18-foot-long, 8-ton Cadillac was leaving the US Embassy for Moneygall today when it bottomed out on a ramp that the low-rider couldn't clear, reports the Daily ... More »

Tiny Irish Village Goes Nuts for Obama

Moneygall readies for president's visit tomorrow

(Newser) - It's not often that drivers blink twice when passing the tiny Irish village of Moneygall, so one might imagine the frenzy that results when Barack Obama swings by for a visit tomorrow. Along with the country's trademark green and orange, locals have decked the County Offaly town out... More »

Inside Last Night's State Dinner

Head table included actor BD Wong, everyone ate apple pie

(Newser) - Sure, everybody who is somebody got an invite to last night's state dinner, which 225 people attended. But who got seated at the head table with President Obama and guest of honor Hu Jintao? Gawker has the list, which includes:
  • Law and Order star BD Wong
  • Bill and Hillary, along
... More »

Hu: 'A Lot Still Needs to Be Done' on Human Rights

China, US will open formal dialogue on concerns

(Newser) - China and the US agreed to open a formal dialogue on human rights, reports the Washington Post . But it should be based on "mutual respect and the principle of noninterference in each other's internal affairs," said President Hu Jintao. He did acknowledge, however, that "a lot still... More »

Harry Reid: Hu Is a 'Dictator'

Makes comment while ... talking about the tax deal

(Newser) - This should be good for international relations: On the eve of a lavish state dinner in Hu Jintao's honor, Harry Reid called the Chinese president a "dictator." The Senate majority leader made the comment in a televised interview last night, reports Politico, when asked if the bipartisan tax... More »

Ahead of Visit, China's Hu Talks 'Common Ground'

Provides written answers to cherry-picked questions

(Newser) - Chinese President Hu Jintao is speaking to the American media—albeit through written answers to questions he selected from lists submitted to him by the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal —for the first time since 2008. Among the topics? "Common ground," the dollar, and the... More »

Obama Delays Asia Trip to Firm Up Health Reform

Congressional Democrats were irked at president for skipping town

(Newser) - Despite White House assurances to the contrary yesterday, President Obama will postpone his Asian trip for three days to focus on firming up health care reform legislation. Congressional Democrats had expressed dismay that the president was leaving the country as the House approached a deal that may allow them to... More »

China Fumes Over Obama-Dalai Lama Meeting

Beijing is outraged, but some think it's a show for citizenry

(Newser) - China is fuming as expected after yesterday’s meeting between President Obama and the Dalai Lama. “The US action seriously interfered in Chinese internal affairs, seriously hurt the feelings of China's people and seriously harmed China-US relations,” a foreign ministry spokesman said in a statement. What’s more,... More »

Obama Statue Will Leave Indonesian Park

'Little Barry' bound for president's old school

(Newser) - A statue of President Obama that has drawn the ire of tens of thousands on Facebook will be moved from a park in Jakarta, Indonesia, to a less prominent spot near his old school. That location “is more appropriate,” an official tells AFP . He said the statue will... More »

Jennifer Hudson to Sing at State Dinner

White House still mum on first lady's outfit

(Newser) - Tonight's first state dinner of the Obama administration is likely to be a star-studded affair, and while the White House has been tight-lipped thus far, details are leaking: Guests at tonight’s celebration of Indian PM Manmohan Singh are said to include Steven Spielberg, David Geffen, and Jeffrey Katzenberg, as... More »

India Miffed By Obama's Bond With Beijing

Perceived slights complicate PM Singh's DC visit next week

(Newser) - President Obama might find Indian PM Manmohan Singh a bit prickly when he arrives in Washington this weekend, after Obama gave India short shrift during his recent Asia trip. Obama didn’t mention India at all in his speech on US relations with Asia, and caused further offense in a... More »

Latest Undeserved Honor: Black Belt

Obama is now a master of tae kwon do, with 0 years practice

(Newser) - This has gone too far. First President Obama gets the Nobel Peace Prize “without actually producing any peace,” writes Andrew Malcolm. Now the South Korean president has awarded him a black belt in tae kwon do “after zero long years of study. What would Chuck Norris do?”... More »

Obama Bow: Right Idea, Wrong Bow

Even Nixon bowed to the Japanese emperor —but he did it better

(Newser) - A friend of ABC’s Jake Tapper would like to clear up some misconceptions about President Obama’s bow to the Japanese emperor: First, “the right is wrong about Obama’s bow.” It’s not an “unprecedented” display of subservience from an American president—Richard Nixon bowed... More »

Obama, Egypt's Mubarak Click at DC Meeting

Presidents cite 'positive steps' for Israelis, Palestinians

(Newser) - A meeting today between President Obama and Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak signaled a thaw in relations between the two countries, the New York Times reports. Obama also spoke of “positive steps” that “could help to jump-start an effective process on all sides” in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. Mubarak,... More »

Clinton Leaves Africa 'More Committed' Than Ever

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton ended her African tour today on a note of optimism colored by disdain, the New York Times reports. The secretary of state visited seven nations over 11 days and made her final remarks on the Cape Verde islands off the coast. “I leave Africa after this remarkable... More »

Kim Jong-Il Was 'Fully Engaged' During Clinton Visit

(Newser) - Longtime Bill Clinton aide John Podesta, who accompanied the former president on his recent rescue mission to North Korea, says leader Kim Jong-Il was "fully engaged" during the visit, Reuters reports. “I would basically say that the discussions were pretty straightforward and he was fully engaged,” Podesta... More »

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