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Germany's Political Stalemate May Be Ending

Social Democrats entering coalition talks with Angela Merkel

(Newser) - Germany's Social Democrats have voted to enter coalition talks with Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives, a key step toward ending political gridlock and forming a new government. Delegates in Bonn voted 362 to 279 on Sunday in favor of opening the coalition talks, the AP reports. Once a coalition... More »

Merkel's Party Loses Big in Stronghold

Conservatives lose Baden-Wuerttemberg first time in 58 years

(Newser) - Japan's nuclear disaster is not just an environmental tragedy—it has started claiming political victims. Germany's Green Party appears poised to win a state government for the first time, trouncing Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives in their stronghold in southwest Germany. The Greens and Social Democrats won 47.3% in Baden-Wuerttemberg... More »

Portugal Gov't Verges on Collapse

Country could soon go the way of Greece, Ireland

(Newser) - Today promises to be a tumultuous day in Portugal, with all signs pointing to the resignation of Prime Minister Jose Socrates and the collapse of his minority Socialist administration. The country’s parliament is expected to vote down Socrates’ austerity plan, a move the prime minister contends will force the... More »

Merkel Wins Re-Election, New Coalition

Germany's chancellor will form new bloc with center-right

(Newser) - Angela Merkel was headed to re-election today, and German voters were sending her along with enough votes to cobble together a center-right coalition and ditch the Social Democrats she has been allied with since 2005. Exit polls on German television showed Merkel's conservative bloc with 33.4% of the vote,... More »

Merkel Heads for 2nd Term, With Messy Coalition

German vote could free or hamstring chancellor for 4 more years

(Newser) - Germany votes in a federal election in less than 48 hours, but Angela Merkel has better things to do than campaign; she's in Pittsburgh with the rest of the G20. Merkel is assured of a second term, but in Germany's complex system of coalition politics, the bigger question is which... More »

Berlin Corpse May Be Slain Leftist Hero

Doc thinks body in Berlin hospital cellar is 'Red Rosa' Luxemburg

(Newser) - For nearly a century, left-wingers have mourned at the tomb of Rosa Luxemburg, a murdered academic who fought to make Germany communist. But one pathologist insists Luxemburg’s body isn’t there, rather abandoned in a hospital cellar, Der Spiegel reports. The corpse Michael Tsokos found had no head, feet,... More »

6 Stories