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Maria Shriver Skirts Another Driving Law

Calif. first lady spotted leaving vehicle in red zone

(Newser) - TMZ appears to have caught California's first lady flouting state traffic laws for the second time this month. A video on the site shows Maria Shriver—who recently apologized for repeatedly using her cell phone will driving—parking her decidedly non-emergency vehicle in a red zone. She left it there... More »

Vehicles That Drove GM to Bankruptcy

(Newser) - With the move finally official, Matt Hardigree, for Jalopnik, lists the 10 vehicles that bankrupted General Motors:
  • Chevrolet SSR: “Meant to capture the imagination of buyers. Unfortunately, few buyers were imagining an expensive, gas-guzzling convertible truck that …was basically unusable as a truck."
  • Saturn L-Series: Trying “
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2 Stories