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YouTube Yanks Grisly Tea Partier's Abortion Ad

Missy Smith had 2 abortions, now candidate wants to outlaw them

(Newser) - A Tea Party campaign ad featuring graphic images of aborted fetuses is so grisly that it's being blocked from YouTube. The 30-second spot for Washington congressional candidate Missy Smith is, however, running two dozen times on various TV stations in the DC area. But the images are so disturbing that... More »

Video Shows Tea Partiers How to Rip Up Koran

'Just like Sam Adams,' says Randall Terry

(Newser) - Anti-abortionist Randall Terry has unleashed a video primer to fellow Tea Party activists on how to make news by ripping up giant passages from the Koran at press conferences. He even directs wannabe newsmakers to his website , where anyone interested can download passages of the Muslim holy book. "You're... More »

McConnell Keeps Low Profile in Health Debate

Conservative critics think Minority Leader should be fighting administration harder

(Newser) - Why haven’t we heard more from Mitch McConnell on health care? The Senate Minority Leader has kept relatively quiet on the administration’s reform efforts, a stance that has irked many conservative activists who feel McConnell is ducking his duties as de facto Republican Party leader, writes Stephanie Mencimer... More »

Randall Terry Booted From Va. Town Hall

Crowd chants 'kick him out' at antiabortion activist

(Newser) - Theatrical antiabortion protester Randall Terry was escorted from a town hall last night as he hammered Howard Dean for "baby-killing," Salon reports. Terry has been protesting outside town halls, but last night, he came indoors as the former DNC chair and Rep. Jim Moran met with constituents in... More »

Operation Rescue: Tiller 'Reaped What He Sowed'

Founder says pro-life movement not guilty in doctor's death

(Newser) - The head of a national anti-abortion ground based in Wichita, Kansas said yesterday that his organization was not responsible for the death of Dr. George Tiller, Gawker reports. Operation Rescue founder Randall Terry immediately went on to say Tiller “was a mass-murderer and, horrifically, he reaped what he sowed,... More »

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