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Fossil Find: Penguins the Size of NBA Players

Klekowskii penguin would have dwarfed modern cousins

(Newser) - At 90 pounds, the emperor penguin has earned the title of World's Biggest Penguin—but it once had a relative that could have blown it out of the proverbial water. Researchers have discovered fossils of a 250-pound penguin on Antarctica's Seymour Island, Phys.org reports. Palaeeudyptes klekowskii lived... More »

Emperor Penguins Marching Toward Peril

Study: Climate change to cause steep population declines by 2100

(Newser) - The iconic Emperor penguin is now marching toward its own demise thanks to climate change, according to the first study to assess the creature's long-term chances. An international team of scientists studying Antarctica's Emperor penguin population is calling for the birds to be reclassified as "endangered" after... More »

Scientists Count 600K Penguins From Space

That's double the number of emperors thought in Antarctica

(Newser) - It's a pretty nifty science story to begin with: Scientists used a new technique to conduct what National Geographic calls the "first-ever penguin census from space." They pored over satellite images of Antarctica with resolution sharp enough to count about 600,000 emperor penguins on the continent.... More »

Scientists Lose Track of 'Happy Feet' Penguin

Transmitter probably fell off, trackers hope

(Newser) - The story of "Happy Feet," the wayward emperor penguin that turned up in New Zealand, has captivated the world, but we may never know how it ends. The young penguin was returned to the wild last week and a transmitter that was attached to him has stopped relaying... More »

Lost Penguin Moved to NZ Zoo

Health is suffering after 2K-mile trek from home

(Newser) - Conservation officials in New Zealand have decided against letting nature take its course with a young Emperor penguin who turned up on a beach 2,000 miles from his Antarctic home. The penguin—nicknamed "Happy Feet"—was moved to a zoo in Wellington after his health appeared to... More »

Experts Get the Poop on Penguins

(Newser) - Emperor penguin droppings are so concentrated that the reddish-brown guano has been spotted from space, reports the Times of London. That's a good thing because it's helping scientists pinpoint colonies of the giant birds in Antarctica and help experts track climate change affects. “The ice gets pretty dirty and... More »

6 Stories