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Obama Calls GOP's Bluff With Health Care Summit

President thinks Republican ideas will look worse in the spotlight

(Newser) - President Obama threw Washington a curve yesterday when he invited the GOP to a televised bipartisan health care discussion, and even though he might wind up right back where he started, it’s a good move. “It is a call-the-bluff moment, with the president daring Republicans to put their... More »

Hey, Meghan: What Cheney Thinks Is More Important

And it's not because he's an old white man

(Newser) - After Meghan McCain took exception to the idea that her stance on gay marriage is “meaningless” compared to Dick Cheney’s, Washington Monthly blogger Steve Benen outlines in no uncertain terms why—and it’s not “that I only respect old white guys, I don’t respect young... More »

2 Stories