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Beautiful People Are Also Smarter

LSE researchers find attractiveness, intelligence correlate

(Newser) - Beautiful people really do have it all, a new study suggests: They're also more likely to be intelligent. Researchers at the London School of Economics found that intelligence correlated strongly with physical attractiveness. Men judged by others in the study as handsome had IQs 13.6 points higher than the... More »

Reid: Gillibrand Is Senate's 'Hottest Member'

Oh, and she's not bad with policy, either

(Newser) - "Many senators are known for many things," Harry Reid told a New York fundraiser yesterday. Let's see, here's noble Chuck Schumer, who runs the DSCC ... and here's Kirsten Gillibrand, who ... is just plain smokin', reports Politico. "We in the Senate refer to Sen. Gillibrand as the hottest... More »

Washington, DC Tops Sexiest State List

Are Democrats prettier? Top 10 states all voted for Obama in 2008

(Newser) - The prettiest state in the US isn’t really a state: It’s the District of Columbia. In a nod to Virginia's Miss America win, the Daily Beast decided to rank all 50 states, plus the District, based both on how many famously gorgeous people they have—the number of... More »

Dating Site for Hotties Culls Fatties

BeautifulPeople members saw holiday pudge, weren't having it

(Newser) - Some 5,000 members of the online dating site are members no more after their discerning compatriots booted them for beefing up over the holidays. “Vigilant members” of the community, which has a strict “ugly people” ban, noticed a slew of photos over the New Year... More »

Top Sexiest Ugly People

(Newser) - There's pretty, and there's ugly, but there's also sexy ugly. Nerve runs down the "sexiest ugly people alive." The top 5, in reverse order:
  • Paul Giamatti: "Somebody's got to say no to firm jaw lines and six-pack abs, and no one does it with Giamatti's panache."
... More »

5 Stories