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After Putin Diss, Obama to Meet Russian Gay Activists

Prediction: the Kremlin will not be amused

(Newser) - Looks like President Obama has found something to fill the time he won't spend meeting with Vladimir Putin during the G20 summit in Russia this week: he's going to meet with gay rights activists instead. Buzzfeed confirms that LGBT organization Coming Out, human rights activists Lev Ponomarev and... More »

Now He's Arrived: Romney Gets Glitter-Bombed

Also, he sings again

(Newser) - What a day for Mitt Romney. First he set off a brouhaha with his "I'm not concerned about the very poor" remark, then he got glitter-bombed (twice), and finally, he sang. Again. The first glitter-bombing took place at a stop in Minnesota, when a gay rights activist tossed... More »

Obama: Law Against Gay Marriage Unconstitutional

In big shift, feds will no longer defend DOMA in court

(Newser) - Big win for gay rights advocates: The Obama administration has concluded that the Defense of Marriage Act—the law that bars federal recognition of same-sex marriage—is unconstitutional and won't defend it in court anymore, reports NPR . The president gave the Justice Department its new marching orders today, and Eric... More »

Sex Partner Killed Ugandan Gay Activist: Police

Officer sees 'nothing concrete' pointing to hate crime, gay activists not so sure

(Newser) - A Ugandan man beaten to death last week was not murdered over his gay-rights campaign, but was killed by a sexual partner, say police. But gay activists in the country have called for more proof amid concerns that the government would hide any homophobic element to David Kato's murder for... More »

Model: I Used Corkscrew to Castrate Gay Journo

Alleged lover wanted to cure journalist of 'homosexual demons'

(Newser) - Revolting details have emerged in the slaying of journalist and gay activist Carlos Castro—Renato Seabra, his confessed killer, told police he castrated Castro with a corkscrew before leaving him to die in a Manhattan hotel room. Seabro said that he did so in order to "get rid of... More »

Angry Gay Voters Weigh Skipping Polls

Movement leaders say Dems in for rude awakening

(Newser) - If Democrats think they can depend on the gay community on Election Day, they’d better think again: Gay people throughout the US are having doubts over whether to vote at all this year, the AP reports. “We're just used as a piggyback for them to get into office,... More »

French Soccer Team Boots Gay Player

Paris gay group demands sanctions

(Newser) - A French soccer team has booted a player for being gay. Yoann Lemaire took a sabbatical last year from amateur club FC Chooz after teammates went on a homophobic rant on TV. Now team managers won't let him return, saying they want to avoid stirring up any trouble with his... More »

Anti-Bully Campaigns a Front for Gay Agenda

...says Christian group Focus on the Family

(Newser) - It’s tough to come up with anything bad to say about anti-bullying programs … unless you’re a Focus on the Family rep. Candi Cushman, education expert for the Christian organization, says that all too often anti-bullying initiatives are used to push “the gay agenda,” as she... More »

Obama Gets Subpeona From Gay Protesters

They say they were just following (his) orders

(Newser) - Gay soldiers arrested for chaining themselves to the White House fence in April to protest Don't Ask, Don't Tell have issued a subpoena to Barack Obama to testify in their trial. Charged with some minor civil disobedience offenses, the soldiers are arguing that they were just following orders—in this... More »

The Most Influential Gay Americans

Ellen tops 'Out' magazine list for 2nd straight year

(Newser) - Ellen DeGeneres and Barney Frank have switched places atop Out magazine's annual list of the most influential gay Americans, but the talk show host and American Idol judge probably isn't gloating about her win—she's that nice. To see the top five, check out the slideshow above. To see who... More »

Time for Gays to Go Nader on Democrats

Fundraising boycott a good idea but doesn't go far enough

(Newser) - The two-party system gives gay Americans a terrible deal, and the proposed gay boycott of Democratic National Committee fundraising is a big step in the right direction toward changing the situation, writes Emma Ruby-Sachs . Cutting off funds to the party will push Democrats toward eliminating discrimination against gays and could... More »

Gay Activists Gaga for the Lady

The outlandish pop singer brings her charisma to Washington

(Newser) - It became official this weekend in Washington: Lady Gaga is the new icon for the gay community, this generation’s Cher. She brought the crowds to their feet—twice—at the Human Rights Campaign dinner, where even President Obama said, “It is a privilege to be here tonight to... More »

Obama's Not Going to Push for Gay Marriage

(Newser) - Barack Obama has done next to nothing for gay and lesbian Americans since coming to power, but liberals keep insisting that he's a closet supporter of same-sex marriage and open military service. That's ridiculous, writes James Kirchick in the Washington Post, who sees no reason to assume Obama will act.... More »

Tel Aviv Gunman Kills 2 at Gay Center

(Newser) - A gunman burst into a gay community center in Tel Aviv tonight and opened fire, killing two teenagers and wounding 15 with a machine gun, the Jerusalem Post reports. Police have launched a manhunt for the masked assailant, who is not believed to be a terrorist. "Today, someone sent... More »

Chick Splits Up Gay SF Penguins

(Newser) - A male penguin couple that raised a hatchling at the San Francisco Zoo has been split up by the attentions of the amorous widow Linda, UPI reports. Magellanic penguin Harry was apparently smitten by the lovesick female, and he deserted Pepper, his partner of six years. Linda has "her... More »

London Pride: Too Much of a Gay Ol' Time?

Activist condemns parade for choosing fun over politics

(Newser) - Forty years after the Stonewall riots touched off the gay liberation movement, London’s gay community is debating whether to celebrate or get political, the Guardian reports. One activist blasted organizers of today’s Pride London parade—themed “Come and Play”—for “depoliticizing” the event, and accused... More »

Obama Offers Gays Too Little, Too Late

Toothless federal-benefits gesture falls flat in LGBT community

(Newser) - President Obama’s memorandum giving gay federal workers some of the benefits straight ones enjoy has gone over like a lead balloon in the gay community, Politico reports. Advocates say it’s a weak gesture because the Defense of Marriage Act—which the administration recently defended—prevents it from including... More »

Borat Follow-Up 'Outright Offensive': Gay Activists

Advocates feel 'deeply mixed' about faux-Austrian reporter

(Newser) - Gay groups are torn over the upcoming comedy flick Bruno, worried that it may seem to justify rather than mock homophobia, the New York Times reports. “Some people in our community may like this movie, but many are not going to be OK with it,” says the head... More »

Gays Rankle at Obama's Unkept Promises

(Newser) - Gay-rights supporters in and outside of Washington are getting fed up with President Obama’s perceived inaction on their core issues, Politico reports. Obama has been unwilling to back gay marriage, and has yet to fulfill his campaign promise of repealing the Defense of Marriage Act, which bars federal recognition... More »

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