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University Fooled Into Paying $11.8M to Fake Account

Emails requested a change in banking info

(Newser) - A university in Canada is the victim of what is being described as one of the biggest known phishing scams ever. MacEwan University in Edmonton discovered the fraud on Aug. 23, when a construction company it works with asked why it had yet to be paid. But the school had... More »

Hackers Had Little Trouble in Citigroup Breach

And things are probably only going to get worse

(Newser) - News that hackers busted through Citigroup's online defenses and stole information on 200,000 customers is bad enough. The New York Times makes it worse with two additional points: The hack itself was relatively easy, and we should expect a lot more similar attacks in the near future. “... More »

Bloomberg Gets BusinessWeek for $5M

Financial-news giant founded by current NYC mayor promises it won't gut mag

(Newser) - Financial-news giant Bloomberg is the winning bidder for BusinessWeek, acquiring the 80-year-old magazine for between $2 and $5 million from parent McGraw-Hill, plus any liabilities associated with the purchase—not exactly a princely sum. “We are not buying BusinessWeek to gut it. We are buying it to build it,... More »

ID-Theft Ring Victimized Bernanke

Thieves used pickpocketed IDs, checkbooks for fraud

(Newser) - No less a public figure than the chairman of the Federal Reserve was one of 500 individuals victimized by an identity-theft ring that combined technologically sophisticated methods with old-fashioned thievery to bilk $2.1 million from consumers and financial institutions, Newsweek reports. The ringleader of the group, Clyde Austin Gray... More »

Dow Ends Big Week Up 13

(Newser) - The markets stalled today even as the Dow flirted with its peak for the year, the Wall Street Journal reports. An early rally on better-than-expected job loss data lost steam on news that the unemployment rate itself grew to its highest since 1983. And insiders aren’t sure that oil... More »

5 Stories