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Dow Drops 19, Snaps 4-Day Win Streak

Energy sector leads stocks lower; financials up on BofA settlement

(Newser) - Energy issues pushed stocks lower today after indexes hung around opening levels and briefly wandered into positive territory. Bank of America's settlement with the SEC over its acquisition of Merrill Lynch last year boosted financials, the Wall Street Journal reports.
  • The Dow fell 18.97 points to close at 10,
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Google Applies to Buy, Sell Electricity

Search giant wants to tap the grid like a utility

(Newser) - Google has asked the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for permission to become an “electricity marketer,” a designation that would allow it to buy and sell energy in bulk like a utility company. It’s an unorthodox move, but one Google says will help it power its sprawling operations... More »

US Innovation Stagnates: Survey

Americans think China is winning—and China thinks we're on top

(Newser) - Most Americans are anxious about a future they believe will be fueled by innovation—innovation they are doubtful will come easily in this country without major changes to the education system. Nearly two-thirds of Americans say the recession has hobbled the country’s ability to innovate, and just 41% see... More »

Dow Climbs 80 as Stocks Hit 2009 Highs

September correction has yet to strike

(Newser) - Stock indices hit highs for 2009 today, alleviating fears that September would bring a major correction after the summer's rally, the Wall Street Journal reports. Energy stocks led the S&P 500, while the Dow Jones Transportation Average—considered a general indicator of national economic sentiment—rose 2.35%. Procter... More »

Dow Up 61 After Shaky Day

(Newser) - Markets ended higher today after a dismal start, buoyed by an ascendant energy sector, the Wall Street Journal reports. The seesaw comes as no surprise to one strategist: “This market is highly vulnerable to get pushed around right now. That’s a factor of light volume.” The Dow,... More »

Dow Cools, Still Rises 34

(Newser) - Yesterday’s rally segued into a regular day today as markets remained mostly flat on mixed economic data, the Wall Street Journal reports. Home sales were up, but incomes down, and an expected report on rising US oil reserves hurt energy stocks. “It's a day of consolidation after we've... More »

Dow Slips 26 as Oil Prices Fall

(Newser) - Markets were off today on plunges in the energy and manufacturing sectors brought on by falling oil prices, the Wall Street Journal reports. A poorly received auction of T-notes also did little to inspire confidence. The world’s largest steelmaker, ArcelorMittal, slipped 7% on a larger than expected loss, and... More »

Dow Falls 35 on Energy Fears

(Newser) - Markets were off today as falling oil prices put the press on the energy sector and Wall Street took a stern look at the recent rally, the Wall Street Journal reports. Though tech stocks surged, bringing NASDAQ up, oil prices were off and health care concerns tumbled. The financial sector... More »

Dow Falls 161 in Broad Sell-Off

Investors unwind bets ahead of 2nd-quarter earnings kickoff

(Newser) - Investors turned pessimistic ahead of the start of the second-quarter earnings season, initiating a broad sell-off that depressed the major indices, the Wall Street Journal reports. Oil fell another $1.12 to 62.43 a barrel, pushing energy stocks lower; the S&P 500’s energy sector was off 2.... More »

Dow Climbs 44; Oil Prices Fall

Investors await the arrival of 2nd-quarter earnings

(Newser) - Continued declines in oil and other commodities depressed equities today, but broad advances in health-care stocks offset them, the Wall Street Journal reports. Oil fell $1.58 to $64.08 a barrel and has dropped 8.4% since July 1. Many traders are holding off on big bets until the... More »

Dow Ends Big Week Up 13

(Newser) - The markets stalled today even as the Dow flirted with its peak for the year, the Wall Street Journal reports. An early rally on better-than-expected job loss data lost steam on news that the unemployment rate itself grew to its highest since 1983. And insiders aren’t sure that oil... More »

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