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Culprit in a Third of Military's Top Brass Firings? Sex

Rise in ethical lapses alarms military

(Newser) - The US military has a sex problem. Sexual misconduct has been the leading reason for the firing of military commanders over the last eight years, accounting for almost one-third, or 78 of 255 firings since 2005, an AP analysis of statistics finds. Notably among them was Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair,... More »

Soldier Kills Commander at Fort Bragg

Alleged gunman shot himself, now in custody

(Newser) - A soldier in the 525th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade shot his battalion commander dead at Fort Bragg yesterday before shooting and injuring himself. The soldier broke out of formation during a safety briefing to shoot the commander, a defense official tells ABC . A third soldier was slightly injured. The shooter is... More »

US Military Class Suggested 'Hiroshima' Answer to Islam

Officers told total war on religion may be necessary

(Newser) - A course for American military officers took a position on Islam so extreme that it sounds like the invention of al-Qaeda propagandists. Future military leaders were taught that to protect America, "total war" on all the world's Muslims may be necessary, and holy cities like Mecca may have... More »

Arab Military Officer Busted for Rhode Island Slave

Colonel kept Filipino woman confined in US home as he attended school

(Newser) - A naval officer from the United Arab Emirates has been busted for keeping an unpaid servant while living in a tony Rhode Island neighborhood. Col. Arif Mohamed Saeed Mohamed Al-Ali was nabbed as he attempted to board a flight out of New York's JFK airport. He pleaded guilty last week... More »

Top Brass in Huff Over Pentagon Cutbacks

Move to end 'brass creep' ruffles feathers

(Newser) - Four-star military commanders have joined the ranks of Americans worried about keeping their jobs. Defense Secretary Robert Gates made it clear when he announced Pentagon cutbacks this week that he plans to reduce "brass creep" in the military, and the decision has ruffled many feathers in the top ranks,... More »

Imposter Tricks Army to Become an Officer

26-year-old with no experience put in position to lead troops

(Newser) - A Texas man with no military experience managed to trick the Army into letting him enter a reserve unit as a noncommissioned officer earlier this year, putting an untrained soldier in a leadership position in a time of war, an AP investigation has found. Jesse Bernard Johnston III, 26, joined... More »

Ex-Generals Cash in as Gov't 'Mentors'

They collect millions... while also working for defense contractors

(Newser) - If you’re a general unhappy with your measly six-figure salary, just retire; the Pentagon will pay you millions to come back and consult, even if you’re also drawing a paycheck from a defense contractor. At least 158 retired admirals and generals are now on the Pentagon payroll as... More »

Manage Like a Marine

Officers outline similarities between Iraq and the office

(Newser) - Marine officers Timothy Saint and Nicholas Smith "learned a lot about leadership and management that we wish someone had told us as boot lieutenants" during their service in Iraq, and most of it applies to young managers in the corporate world. They provide some guidance on Business Insider :
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West Pointers Eager to Hit War Running

A look into the heads of Army class of '09

(Newser) - There's a group quietly hoping that the war in Iraq doesn't end just yet, and they're hardly insurgents. They're the class of 2009 at West Point, reports Newsweek, in a look at graduates of the military academy and their eagerness to serve their country. The storied institution has proven remarkably... More »

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