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'Netflix and Chill' Is Today's 'Come Up for a Drink'

How the phrase went from innocent to innuendo

(Newser) - Hey, do you want to come over, watch some Netflix and chill? For those of you not in the know, "Netflix and chill" is today's euphemism for hooking up, the Guardian reports. (And if you weren't previously in the know, you are not the only one .)... More »

Hookup Culture Is a Myth

Students today having same amount of sex as earlier generation

(Newser) - You know the whole hookup culture of casual sex that's so prevalent on college campuses? Turns out, it's not so prevalent. Or at least, no more prevalent than in an earlier generation, a new study suggests. The key stat: About one-third of college students have had more than... More »

There's No Such Thing as 'Hookup Culture'

College kids are having sex like they always have: Eliana Dockterman

(Newser) - Much is made these days about the "hookup culture" pervading college campuses , leading young women to eschew monogamous relationships in favor of 2am booty calls and one-night stands. But the truth is, most college students these days have a sex life not very different from what their parents or... More »

College Students, It's Time to End Hookup Culture

Donna Freitas says most are tired of it anway

(Newser) - The hookup culture that makes casual sex so common on college campuses these days might well disappear—if only the students themselves were honest with each other about it, writes Donna Freitas in the Washington Post . After eight years of research, she argues that most students either don't like... More »

UChicago Kids Fight Nerdy Image With Casual Sex Site

Site tries to fight perception of social ineptitude

(Newser) - The University of Chicago may be known as a bastion of sexless nerd-dom, but some undergrads are changing that with UChicago Hookups , a website that allows students to meet up for, well, whatever they might have in mind. Entries read more or less like the casual-encounters section of Craigslist: people... More »

Hookups Can Lead to Love: Study

Casual sex? You can still have a serious relationship

(Newser) - Don’t worry, that one-night stand can still turn into a meaningful relationship—if you want it to. Despite widespread belief that “ hookup culture ” is ruining relationships, a new study discovers what Tracy Clark-Flory already knew : It actually isn’t. The survey of 642 adults initially found that... More »

Are Glory Days of Casual Sex Over?

Columnists debate how big of a backlash casual sex is getting

(Newser) - The days of glorified casual sex are over…or are they? On the one hand, we haven’t seen Paris Hilton’s undies in years, raunchy Christina Aguilera married herself off and has been replaced by virginal Taylor Swift, and even “the fictional Carrie Bradshaw is wed and living... More »

College Bans Hookups When Roomie's Around

Tufts attempts 'to set clear boundaries' for students

(Newser) - A Massachusetts college has a message for oversexed undergrads: Get a room—just not with your roommate in it. Students whose roomies became indiscreet in the heat of passion "expressed concerns that they were experiencing uncomfortable situations," explains a Tufts University rep. The resulting policy bluntly advises: ... More »

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