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After 130 Years, a 'Historic Homecoming' in Banff

Welcome back, bison

(Newser) - "It's one of the great days for wildlife conservation in the history of North America," says a conservationist following what Parks Canada officials are calling a "historic homecoming" in Alberta's Banff National Park. Sixteen bison, including 10 pregnant cows, were moved 275 miles from Elk... More »

US Gets 1st Official National Mammal

Congratulations to the American bison

(Newser) - The American bison, also known as the buffalo, is the US' first official national mammal. (We thought that honor would go to Tom Hanks or Bill Murray, but whatevs.) The AP reports a ceremony was held Tuesday at Wind Cave National Park in South Dakota to celebrate the result... More »

America Is Getting Another National Animal

Bald eagles, make way for the bison

(Newser) - The bald eagle's 234-year reign as the sole symbolic animal of the US is about to come to an end. The National Bison Legacy Act passed by Congress—and expected to pass the Senate next week, per CNN —denotes the bison as America's national mammal and a... More »

Bison Charges Boy in Yellowstone, Parents Laugh

Parents seem to think it's funny

(Newser) - It wasn't a grizzly, but it could have been as deadly. A seemingly placid bison suddenly charged a young boy after a group of children—encouraged by their videotaping parents—got too close to the beast during a walk in Yellowstone National Park. The bison, which can reach speeds... More »

$45K Offered for Killer of Sacred White Buffalo

Lakota Sioux calf skinned before first birthday celebration

(Newser) - A heartless hunter killed and skinned a rare white buffalo calf, and the Indians who believe the young animal was sacred are offering $45,000 for the killer's capture. White buffaloes are believed to occur once in several million births, and they're revered by the Lakota Sioux and... More »

For America's Bison, Tales of Starvation, Slaughter

Court impounds herd from Florida owner, second Yellowstone herd in limbo

(Newser) - Two depressing stories on the plight of bison starving in the brutal winter:
  • In South Dakota, a court impounded about 5,000 bison on a private ranch because the owner—a real estate developer in Florida—was apparently unwilling or unable to make sure they got food, reports the Bismarck
... More »

Shooting of 51 Buffalo Marks Range War

'Don't fence me in' doesn't wash in Texas

(Newser) - The fallout from a Texan's shooting of 51 buffalo that strayed from his neighbor's hunting ranch is sparking a modern day range war, and highlights a cultural chasm in America's wide open spaces. A working stiff foreman shot the buffalo after they escaped through a washed out section of fence... More »

Ted Turner Accused of Bison Grab

Plan lets mogul quarantine Yellowstone buffalo—and keep offspring

(Newser) - Plans to give 74 Yellowstone buffalo a home where Ted Turner roams have sparked a fierce debate over wildlife policy. The billionaire has offered to keep the bison quarantined on his ranch for 5 years, as part of a plan to prevent the spread of the disease brucellosis to cattle.... More »

Calif. Buffalo Go on Birth Control

State thins Santa Catalina Island herd humanely

(Newser) - Southern California's only herd of wild buffalo has been put on birth control. A conservation authority seeking to protect unique plant life on Santa Catalina Island, where buffalo have roamed since 14 of them were shipped out for a silent film in 1925, has been corralling the animals and injecting... More »

Indian Scientists Clone Buffalo

First clone died soon after birth

(Newser) - The buffalo has now joined sheep, camels, and wolves among the ranks of the cloned, Discover reports. Scientists at India’s National Dairy Research Institute first cloned a buffalo in February, but it died soon after its birth. They’ve now cloned another: Garima, a 95-pound female. The ability to... More »

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