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5 Words Obama Dodges in Health Care Debate

'Reconciliation,' 'mandate' missing from president's speeches

(Newser) - President Obama tends to use words in ways that contradict their meanings and then abandon them when people realize what he's really saying, writes former Bush speechwriter William McGurn, listing five words the president now avoids using unless he's forced to by reporters or Republicans.
  • Reconciliation: Obama calls for the
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Look Who Says Bush Was Right on Terror

Obama invokes Bush policies as defense in Couric interview

(Newser) - President Obama rolled out a surprising line of defense when Katie Couric quizzed him about civilian trials for terrorists in an interview Sunday, writes William McGurn. "We're not handling any of these cases any different than the Bush administration handled them all through 9/11," Obama insisted. Invoking Bush... More »

Obama's 'Jobs Saved' Claims Are Pure Hokum

Ex-Bushie: Media won't call White House on its unmeasurable metric

(Newser) - President Obama confidently declared yesterday that the stimulus plan had already “saved or created” 150,000 American jobs and would “save or create” another 600,000 by this summer. Which is pretty surprising, former Bush official William McGurn writes in the Wall Street Journal, because the economy’s... More »

3 Stories