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Sleep More Than 9 Hours? You May Have More Nightmares

Oxford researchers tie bad dreams to too much sleep

(Newser) - Nightmares after a traumatizing experience might not have anything to do with stress. That's just one surprising finding to come out of what New Scientist calls "one of the largest ever studies of nightmares in the general population." To better understand why some people who've suffered... More »

Scientists Unlock a Mystery of REM Sleep

Here's what your flickering eyes may be seeing

(Newser) - Exactly what your flickering eyes are doing during the rapid-eye-movement phase of sleep has long been a mystery to scientists, but a team that monitored the neurons of volunteers says it has figured it out. The neuroscientists say that brain activity during eye flickers in REM sleep is "very,... More »

To Boost Memory, Go to Sleep

How shut-eye helps you remember, process more

(Newser) - Popping pills and or toiling away at Sudoku may help boost memory, but according to a slew of recent studies, good old-fashioned sleep may be best: It strengthens long-term memory, decision-making, and creativity. "It turns out we are not like TiVo," says a sleep researcher, which "is... More »

Six Hours of Sleep Not Enough—for Nearly All

(Newser) - Think you can get by just fine on 6 hours of sleep a night? Unless you're part of a tiny portion of the population with a mutant gene, you better tuck yourself in a little earlier, reports USA Today. A new study in Science says 97% of the population needs... More »

If You Snooze, You Cruise: Scientists

Napping, dreaming boost problem-solving skills, say researchers

(Newser) - Napping—particularly if it includes dreaming—may help people think more creatively, the Telegraph reports. Researchers gave young adults creative word-association tasks in the morning, then allowed some to sleep. The extra time and z's appeared to improve their scores on the same tasks; on new tasks, patients who had... More »

5 Stories