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Converse 'Chucks' Get First Redesign in a Century

Nike making them more comfortable

(Newser) - If a sneaker can be iconic, then the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star qualifies. In a move that loyal fans will either embrace as long overdue or view as sacrilege, the shoe is receiving its first construction update since debuting 98 years ago. It's all in the name of... More »

New Mess for Nike: Workers Claim Abuse

Contractors hired to make its Converse shoes reportedly cruel to workers

(Newser) - It’s been years since Nike pledged to distance itself from sweatshop labor practices, and it has succeeded … sort of. Indonesian contractors tasked with making high-tops for Nike's Converse subsidiary are reportedly abusing their employees, the AP finds. In dozens of interviews with workers, who are paid about... More »

Iconic Brands We've Outsourced

Globalization has pushed a lot of Americana overseas

(Newser) - Baseballs are as American as Mom and apple pie, right? Well, hopefully they have parents and pastry in Costa Rica, too, because that’s where Rawlings’ factory is located now. Loads of other all-American brands aren’t so all-American anymore, Newsweek reports, singling out the companies seen in the slideshow... More »

Hipsters 101: Their History, Bleak Future

Their main enclave is threatened, but no one seems to care

(Newser) - Hipsters. They “sneer when you cop to liking Coldplay”; they “sport cowboy hats and berets”; they’re “the only ones in America who still think Pabst Blue Ribbon is a good beer.” But they’re certainly not a new phenomenon, writes Dan Fletcher for Time. The... More »

Chuck Taylor (and Other Sneaker Names) Revealed

No, Adidas is not an acronym

(Newser) - Some sneaker names are obvious—Air Jordan, anyone? But Mental Floss uncovered the origins of some popular brand names that are a bit more mysterious:
  • Converse Chuck Taylor All Star: A former high school basketball star, Chuck Taylor joined the Converse team in 1921 and helped launch the shoe to
... More »

5 Stories