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Island Nation Decides It Only Wants Rich Visitors

Palau wants to restrict development to luxury hotels

(Newser) - The Pacific island nation of Palau boasts some stunning sights—but they don't want just anybody coming to check them out. The country's president, Tommy Remengesau, is planning to introduce legislation restricting hotel development to five-star chains, a move that would effectively make Palau a "luxury only"... More »

Bodies of WWII Soldiers Found in Sealed Cave

Searches underway in Palau to locate more Japanese soldiers' remains

(Newser) - The island nation of Palau is preparing for a visit from Japan's Emperor Akihito next week with an unusual and grim task: It's investigating long-sealed caves on the island of Peleliu to look for the remains of Japanese soldiers from World War II. The remains of six soldiers... More »

World's Biggest Pot-Head Countries

Polite little Palau is surprisingly blunt

(Newser) - What sort of ranking gives its top spots to Palau, the Northern Mariana Islands, and Guam, and puts the US at No. 7? The list of the world's top countries for marijuana use, reports Business Insider , based on the UN's latest World Drug Report . Palau dominated the rankings,... More »

6 Gitmo Uighurs Arrive in Palau

Latest transfers trade prison for ocean views

(Newser) - Six Chinese Muslims newly released from Guantanamo Bay traded life behind bars today for rooms with ocean view in the tiny Pacific nation of Palau. The Uighurs, in US custody since 2001, were met at the airport in the middle of the night by President Johnson Toribiong and taken to... More »

Supreme Court Takes Uighurs' Case

(Newser) - The Supreme Court will hear a new case about the rights of Guantanamo detainees, this time involving prisoners who remain in custody even after the Pentagon determines they're not a threat to the United States, the court said today. Last year, the court said in a 5-4 ruling that federal... More »

Uighur Won't Leave Brother at Gitmo—So He's Staying

Neither is guilty, but one has no offer of resettlement

(Newser) - Bahtiyar Mahnut, a Chinese Uighur detainee at Guantanamo Bay, is guilty of no crime. In fact, he’s free to leave and even has an offer of sanctuary from the island nation of Palau, like all of his compatriots save one. And that one, his brother Arkin, is why he’... More »

Palau Is Taking Gitmo Detainees. So What's Palau?

(Newser) - When the island nation of Palau agreed to help President Obama close Gitmo by taking in 13 detainees, few Americans had heard of the tiny country. But the US and Palau share a close bond, NPR reports. “It’s a small island nation, but its status as a sovereign... More »

Five Gitmo Uighurs to Palau: Thanks, but No Thanks

(Newser) - Palau’s president Johnson Toribiong today said five of the 13 Uighurs held at Guantanamo Bay and set to be resettled in his country don't want to go, AFP reports. “A handful may not come,” he said. A recent delegation from the country to Gitmo met with just... More »

Palau's Prez Makes Moral Call to Take in Detainees

'They're not monsters,' says island leader

(Newser) - That Palau's president was once a defense lawyer may explain why he risked upsetting his island's 20,000 residents and their peaceful isolation from the world to take in 13 former Guantanamo detainees. "They should be presumed innocent because no one has proven them guilty," newly elected Johnson... More »

4 Chinese Gitmo Detainees Freed to Bermuda

Beijing opposes sending other Muslim inmates to Palau

(Newser) - Four Chinese Muslims inmates from Guantanamo have been released in Bermuda in the first successful US resettlement of Uighurs since 2006, the AP reports. The disposition of 13 others is unclear, according to the Miami Herald, but Palau has offered to accept them, a move China opposes. Beijing has called... More »

Palau to Take Gitmo's Chinese Detainees

Island nation's move resolves key camp-closing concern

(Newser) - Palau agreed to accept 17 Chinese Muslims who have languished in legal limbo at Guantanamo Bay, indicating a resolution to one of the thorniest issues facing the Obama administration's decision to close the prison camp. The announcement, which would clear the last of the Uighurs from the camp, was a... More »

US Offers $200M to Send Gitmo Inmates to South Pacific

(Newser) - The US wants to resettle Uighur detainees held at Guantanamo Bay on the Pacific island nation of Palau, the AP reports. Palau, whose eight main islands lie 500 miles east of the Philippines, has strong ties to the US and depends on it for aid and protection. Daniel Fried, the... More »

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