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Nobel Prize No Longer Worth What It Once Was

Award cut 20% after foundation gets poor return on investments

(Newser) - In the latest sign of the world's economic woes, the Nobel Foundation is slashing the value of its prizes for the first time since 1949. The winners of this year's prizes in Medicine, Physics, Chemistry, Literature, Peace and Economics will receive $1.1 million, down from $1.4... More »

GM Bondholders OK Debt-for-Equity Plan in Vote

Vote paves way to bankruptcy filing tomorrow morning

(Newser) - GM bondholders voted yesterday to forgive $27 million in debt for equity in the restructured automaker, the Wall Street Journal reports. The move opens the door for a bankruptcy filing tomorrow morning, the New York Times notes. The Treasury Department was in charge of deciding whether enough bondholders backed the... More »

GM Seeks Ways Around $1B Debt Payment

Automaker will swap for equity or seek court protection

(Newser) - General Motors won’t make a $1 billion payment on its debt June 1, an exec told the Wall Street Journal today, and will instead try to swap it for stake in the company—or turn to courts for protection. “They want us to be a viable entity when... More »

Madoff Case Likely to Sour Boomers on Stocks

Fraud is final straw after terrible performance, analysts say

(Newser) - With Bernard Madoff’s long, fraudulent story drawing to a close, stock-market analysts look to the larger effect the $50 billion Ponzi scheme will have on equities, Kate Gibson writes for MarketWatch. Combined with the dismal performance in stocks over the last year, experts say Madoff’s deception has probably... More »

Ignore Market Until February

End-of-year effects cause distorting swings

(Newser) - The stock market can be a great synthesizer of millions of individual judgment calls about economic growth, government policy, and world events, writes Andy Kessler in the Wall Street Journal. But it’s also subject to end-of-year distortions, especially in down times like these. What's an investor to do? "... More »

As Foreclosures Rise, Fraud Cases Balloon

Equity scammers take advantage of ignorant, desperate owners

(Newser) - Running parallel with spiking foreclosure rates, so-called “foreclosure rescue scams” have reached epic proportions, and many state and local agencies aren't equipped to fight back, MSNBC reports. Companies that promise to help floundering property owners keep their homes and avoid the stigma of foreclosure are instead milking them for... More »

Barclays Seeks $7.8B From Sovereign Wealth Funds

UK bank's stock soars as investors support plan to recapitalize

(Newser) - The UK’s fourth-largest bank, Barclays, is looking to raise capital by issuing $7.8 billion in new equity, underwritten by sovereign wealth funds, the London Times reports. The announcement sent shares soaring in trading today. Barclays has been rumored for weeks to be considering a cash infusion, joining a... More »

Maybe You Shouldn't Own a Home

Wake up, America: Not everyone can afford the white picket fence

(Newser) - Should all Americans own their dream home? Not really, writes Joshua Riner in the New Republic—only those who can afford one. But Washington made homebuying easy, sparked the subprime crisis, and is now making things worse by buying up risky mortgages. Officials "need to replace the dream of... More »

China's Stock Market Soars to Record

Greenspan fears a dramatic correction

(Newser) - Despite Alan Greenspan’s warning that the market was due for a correction, Shanghai’s stock market index topped 4000 today. So far this year the Chinese stock market has doubled. Since 2006 it has quadrupled. The main driving force behind the surge has been an odd form of democracy. More »

9 Stories