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Abortion Clinic Landlord Gets a Little Revenge

Volunteers call those who called him

(Newser) - Todd Stave is the landlord to an abortion clinic in Germantown, Md, that is especially controversial because it offers late-term abortions. Stave has no problem with protesters outside the clinic—"totally appropriate"—but when they started bombarding his home with phone calls, he decided to fight back with... More »

Nebraska Passes Late-Term Abortion Ban

Landmark bill based on theory fetus can feel pain

(Newser) - Nebraska has become the first state in the nation to ban late-term abortions based on the controversial theory that the fetus is capable of feeling pain by the 20th week of gestation. The law, which makes it a felony for a doctor to perform abortions after the 20th week, is... More »

Successor Continues Tiller's Battle

Provider of late-term abortions plies dangerous trade

(Newser) - It's not easy being the leading provider of late-term abortions. Since Leroy Carhart decided to take up the work of slain colleague and friend George Tiller, he's become the target of intense opposition from anti-abortion groups. Carhart has adapted his Omaha-area clinic to his dangerous new line of work, adding... More »

Doctor Will Do Late-Term Abortions in Kansas

Neb. physician will fill role of murdered Tiller

(Newser) - A Nebraska doctor said today he will perform third-term abortions in Kansas after the slaying of abortion provider George Tiller, even though Tiller's clinic is closed. Dr. LeRoy Carhart declined to discuss details of his decision, which he made public a day after Tiller's family announced his Wichita clinic was... More »

4 Stories