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After 2 Wins, Rogue Dem Blocks Takeover of NY Senate

And Republicans hold on to House seat in Arizona

(Newser) - After two special elections in New York on Tuesday, Democrats have control of the state Senate—on paper. In reality, Republicans remain in control thanks to rogue Democrat Simcha Felder, who has caucused with the GOP since soon after he was elected and says he doesn't plan to change... More »

Pols Charged With Plotting to Fix NYC Mayor Race

State senate leader, city councilman arrested

(Newser) - The president of New York's state senate and a New York City councilman, along with a handful of others, have been arrested amid reports of a plot to fix the city's mayoral race. Malcolm Smith, a Democrat who is the first black state senate president, was reportedly mulling... More »

Biden: 19 Ways Obama Can Go It Alone on Gun Control

GOP rep warns of impeachment if Obama opts for executive action

(Newser) - As the White House gears up for a battle over gun control, Joe Biden has presented 19 moves the administration could take on its own. Speaking to House Dems yesterday, he outlined an array of executive actions, including boosting enforcement of current laws, empowering the CDC to research guns, and... More »

Senate Candidate's Pink Website Is Totes Serious

NY Senate candidate Mindy Meyer inspired by 'Legally Blonde.' Really

(Newser) - Mindy Meyer is 22 years old and she is serious about being elected to the New York state Senate. Don't believe it? Just take a look at her campaign website , because nothing says "serious" like a bright pink background, a flashing bling-y banner that reads, "I'm... More »

Anti-Gay Lawmaker, Boyfriend Charged in Bribery

Indictment shows state senator had a secret

(Newser) - Carl Kruger may be on his way out of the closet—and into a jail cell. Kruger, a state senator from Brooklyn, was charged with accepting more than $1 million in bribes over the past five years in a federal indictment yesterday. Also named was Michael Turano, a Manhattan gynecologist... More »

Illinois' Political Culture Is Even Worse Than NY's

But scandals in both states makes it a close race, notes Gail Collins

(Newser) - Illinois and New York both have such awful political cultures that it's tough to decide which state is the biggest loser, writes Gail Collins. Both states have governors who were forced out by scandals and whose successors are mired in controversy, although at least Eliot Spitzer isn't going to be... More »

Straight Woman Offers Her Right to Marry on eBay

She can't actually do that, but the bids are real, and going to charity

(Newser) - A straight woman is auctioning off her right to marry on eBay in response to the New York state senate's rejection of a gay marriage bill. Alas, Jamie Frevele can’t actually auction off the right guaranteed her by way of her heterosexual birth, The Frisky notes. But the money... More »

NY Senator Diane Savino Wins Over Internet

She may be on gay marriage's losing side, but she's a viral video sensation

(Newser) - The New York state senate voted down gay marriage yesterday, but the debate created a big winner on the losing side: viral video darling Diane Savino, who's taking the blogosphere by storm. "Savino for President 2016!" Lindsay Robertson writes for Jezebel . In just over 7 minutes, the Staten... More »

Paterson Names Lt. Gov to Break NY Senate Standoff

GOP gets court order suspending move

(Newser) - In a desperate play to break the weeks-long deadlock in the New York State Senate, David Paterson last night named a lieutenant governor, who could preside over the hamstrung body and cast tie-breaking votes. But Republicans say they’ve obtained a court order suspending the beleaguered governor's appointment. Richard Ravitch,... More »

Feuding Senate Has NY State Seeing Double

'Farcical' legislators make mayhem; gov blasts proceedings

(Newser) - New York got two state senates for the price of one yesterday as lawmakers held side-by-side sessions, with each party passing its own bills, the New York Times reports. Dems got to the chamber first and locked out Republicans. When the GOP was finally allowed in, members were barred from... More »

Judge to NY Lawmakers: Settle This Mess Yourselves

(Newser) - Judges' decisions sometimes clarify things in the real world, but not so much in the New York state legislature. A state judge today dismissed a case from Democrats, who say that Republicans illegally took control of the state Senate last week, reports the Daily News. The judge told the two... More »

Spitzer: I Love New York Senate Mayhem

(Newser) - Madness has descended on Albany, NY. When two Democrats switched sides at the last minute, the Democrats literally locked the Republicans out of the state senate, followed by name calling, court action, and threats to hold a session in an empty field. And that’s actually an improvement, writes Eliot... More »

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