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Assad Comes Out on Top in Syria Deal

Putin now 'US ambassador to Syria': GOP senator

(Newser) - Following the US-Russia agreement on Syrian chemical disarmament, plenty of political insiders are furious with the Obama administration—but the White House has its defenders. What the media is saying:
  • At Bloomberg , Jeffrey Goldberg sees a major victory for Bashar al-Assad: "The US has in a perverse way made
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Pakistan Constantly Moves Nukes in Unprotected Vans hide them from its American 'allies'

(Newser) - Pakistan works hard to protect its nuclear arsenal, but not from terrorists—from the US. In a huge Atlantic article provocatively titled “The Ally from Hell,” Jeffrey Goldberg and Marc Ambinder reveal that Pakistan is so afraid of a US move to steal or disable its arsenal—particularly... More »

Meet Orrin Hatch, Hanukkah Songwriter

The Utah Mormon is also a writer of love songs

(Newser) - Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch is a prolific author of love songs and Christian spirituals, but it took about 10 years for Jeffrey Goldberg to cajole the “philo-Semite” Mormon into writing a Hanukkah song. Goldberg first floated the idea for “Eight Days of Hanukkah” as an aside in an... More »

All Jewish Spaces Need Armed Guards

'Queasiness' aside, only guns can stop would-be killers

(Newser) - Yesterday’s Holocaust Museum shooting should stifle the queasiness American Jews feel around weapons, Jeffrey Goldberg writes for the Atlantic. “One of the lessons of the Holocaust to me is that it is more difficult to kill an armed Jew than an unarmed Jew,” he says. Had the... More »

4 Stories