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Obama's Our First Woman President

Dana Milbank thinks Obama's taking the pandering just a bit too far

(Newser) - Good news, Barack Obama. You may not be the first black president (that would be Bill Clinton), but you are the first gay one , and apparently the first woman, too. That's how Dana Milbank of the Washington Post is interpreting yesterday's schedule. Eager to exploit his advantage over... More »

Derided Goldman Boss Backs Out of Barnard Speech

Scheduling conflict cited as protests loomed

(Newser) - Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein has pulled out of a controversial lecture at Manhattan's Barnard College. Students at the Columbia University-affiliated institution had planned protests and workshops to coincide with Blankfein's visit, declaring the week to be "School the Squid" week, in reference to Rolling Stone writer... More »

Meryl Streep Happy Men Are Evolving

'Bout time,' she tells Barnard graduates

(Newser) - Men aren't quite the Neanderthals they used to be, says Meryl Streep, and she can tell by reaction to her film roles. Guys used to like her meek character in the Deerhunter, but now they're comfortable with her turn as ice princess Miranda Priestly in the Devil Wears Prada, she... More »

Dog's 'Guilty' Look Is All in Your Head

(Newser) - You can tell when Rover’s misbehaved by that guilty look on his face, right? Ruff—er, wrong, researchers say. If owners believed their dogs had misbehaved, they projected that famed "guilty" expression onto the animals’ faces regardless of whether any rule-breaking had happened, a new study says. Any... More »

4 Stories