National People's Congress

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China Dubs Li Keqiang New Premier

Will take on economy, domestic concerns

(Newser) - Yesterday, China officially selected its new president ; today, the country has chosen its new premier, Li Keqiang. At Beijing's National People's Congress, Li was confirmed to follow Wen Jiabao, winning 2,940 votes to three, the BBC reports. Already the Communist Party's no. 2, Li will lead... More »

China 'Worried' About US Debt

Dollar, Treasurys fall as Wen voices concern

(Newser) - The dollar and US Treasury bonds fell today after Wen Jiabao, the Chinese premier, voiced concern about the safety of US debt. As the American government's largest creditor, China has asked for reassurances that the US government demonstrate the safety of China's assets. "To be honest," said Wen,... More »

China Outlines Stimulus Plans, But Offers No New Boost

Investors looking for more spending

(Newser) - China's prime minister announced a slate of new construction projects and increased subsidies to keep the country growing amid the global financial crisis. In his annual speech to the country's legislature, Wen Jiabao admitted that China faces "unprecedented difficulties and challenges" and would need to shift policies to push... More »

China's Military Boost Angers US

Beijing eyes space, cyberspace and Taiwan

(Newser) - The US and China are clashing over Beijing's increasing defense expenditures, its posture toward Taiwan and its threat to US space hardware, reports the BBC. Beijing officials say they plan to up defense spending by 18% to $59 billion—but a Pentagon report claims the true amount of Chinese military... More »

China Embraces Private Property

Bill reassures urban middle class, decried by advocates of the poor

(Newser) - China's burgeoning middle class will be feeling a little more secure next week, when the National People's Congress is expected to pass the country's first property-rights bill. The measure has become a lightening rod for criticism of China’s leadership, with communists using it as evidence that the government is... More »

5 Stories