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How a Pro-Life Film Hooked Pro-Choice Groups

Sital Kalantry explores 'It's a Girl'

(Newser) - Pro-choice and feminist groups are flocking to It's a Girl, a documentary about sex-selective abortions in China and India. But the film's director actually worked for a pro-life ministry, a fact that appears to have been carefully hidden, writes Sital Kalantry on Slate . Kalantry details how she became... More »

Blood Test Determines Fetus' Sex at 7 Weeks

New testing technology is highly accurate, study finds

(Newser) - Blood tests that promise to determine a baby's sex just seven weeks into pregnancy are highly accurate if used properly, a new study finds. Researchers found that the tests, which analyze fetal DNA in the mother's blood, are 95% accurate at seven weeks and 99% accurate at 20... More »

China, India Overrun by ... Guys

Sex selection must be addressed, say researchers

(Newser) - Thanks to sex selection, areas of China and India are set to see a 10%-20% excess of males over the next two decades, a study finds. The nations' preference for boys, coupled with the increasing use of ultrasound equipment over the past 20 years, is tipping the scales, reports the... More »

Asian Boy Bias Skewing US Birth Stats

(Newser) - Many Asian American parents' strong bias for sons is beginning to emerge in US birth statistics, reports the New York Times.  Chinese, Korean and Indian immigrant families are more likely to abort female embryos and use in-vitro fertilization to have a treasured boy, particularly after the first or second... More »

4 Stories