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White Moose Stuns in Sweden

Hans Nilsson recorded animal Friday in Varmland region

(Newser) - For three years, Hans Nilsson has been on a quest to find a rare white moose in southwestern Sweden. Finally, on two consecutive days last week, he succeeded—and, on the second day, happened to have his camera rolling, reports the Local . "Everything fell into place: the location, the... More »

Government Issues a Most Canadian Warning

Beware of moose who lick cars, warns the Alberta government

(Newser) - Oh, Canada! The Alberta government is warning motorists to beware of moose that lick. That is, don't physically try to stop them. The Peter Lougheed Provincial Park west of Calgary has experienced an influx of moose who enjoy sampling the salt caked to the windows and doors of parked... More »

Filed Under Very Canadian Crimes: Riding a Moose

BC men charged over events in viral video

(Newser) - Perhaps you imagined a man riding a moose was a common sight in Canada. Quite the contrary, it's actually a criminal offense—as two British Columbia men have learned. A year after a video was posted to YouTube showing a man jumping from a boat onto the back of... More »

Hunters Kill 2 Moose ... Behind a Fence, in a Zoo

They didn't realize their mistake until it was too late

(Newser) - Hunters in Norway bagged two moose, somehow without realizing they were shooting at the animals through a fence. And not just any fence, but the fence of the Polar Park zoo, The Local reports. As the hunters explained to the zoo, their hounds somehow got inside the animals' enclosure and... More »

Snowmobilers Save Moose in Avalanche

Three men in Alaska dig out stranded animal

(Newser) - Three snowmobilers near Anchorage, Alaska, came across a fresh landslide and tentatively approached to make sure no skiers had been trapped. Sure enough, they spotted something sticking out of the snow—something that turned out to be the snout of a buried moose, reports Alaska Dispatch News . The animal could... More »

Experts: Drunk Moose Are a Myth

They're too big to get smashed on fallen fruit

(Newser) - Hold those "Elkaholic" jokes: Every autumn, Swedish moose start doing things like falling in swimming pools and getting stuck in apple trees , supposedly after getting drunk on fermented apples, but experts say they probably aren't drunk after all, reports Radio Sweden via the Alaska Dispatch . The animals weigh... More »

New Theory in Minnesota's 'Alarming' Moose Die-Off

Wildlife biologist: Brain worm may be behind drop in numbers

(Newser) - It's a story that's been gathering steam: Something is killing America's moose . And as we wrap up a particularly frozen winter in Minnesota, where moose are dying at "an alarming rate," the New York Times looks at the seeming incongruity of the situation. Moose are... More »

Snowboarder Fined for Moose Harassment

Viral video shows guy chasing animal

(Newser) - A pair of Montana snowboarders made a name for themselves after chasing a moose down a mountain and filming the whole thing. After they posted the video to Facebook , it earned them national media coverage—and, for 21-year-old snowboarder Charlie Rush, a $225 fine, Fox News reports. The fine is... More »

Men Save Shark Choking on ... Moose

2 Newfoundland men pry out moose chunk, send shark back to sea

(Newser) - Two men spotted a wildlife watcher's dream on the coast of Newfoundland last weekend: a beached, eight-foot-long Greenland shark—choking on a piece of moose hide. The shark itself is a rare sight in the area. The chunk of moose stuck in its mouth "had the fur and... More »

Something Is Killing America's Moose

Scientists are stumped, but think climate change is involved

(Newser) - Moose populations across North America are plunging at an alarming rate—and scientists can't figure out why. The die-off has hit regions from British Columbia to New Hampshire, and one of Minnesota's two moose populations has declined from 4,000 animals to fewer than 100 since the 1990s,... More »

Now Ikea Has Elk Meat Problem

Chain yanks lasagna after another meat miscue is discovered

(Newser) - Maybe Ikea should just stick with furniture: First, its beef contained too much horse meat , and now its elk meat has too much pork. Ikea has pulled 17,000 packages of elk lasagna—you read that correctly—from stores across Europe because they contained about 1.6% pork, reports the... More »

School Cans Guy Over Moose-Butchering Fantasy

John DeWind claims he was just trying to be funny. He failed.

(Newser) - This may just be the weirdest story of the week: A Columbia University-trained educator was booted from his volunteer gig at a Brooklyn school because he emailed a female teacher ... about butchering a moose. John DeWind, 64, tells he was just trying to show the teacher an example... More »

Driver Swerves to Miss Moose, Hits Bear

Bear injured in late-night collision; driver and moose OK

(Newser) - An unlucky Norwegian man driving on a country road at night swerved around a moose in the road only to hit an even unluckier bear. Wildlife officials say the bear, one of only around 150 in the country, was injured in the crash, Reuters reports. They have found traces of... More »

School Staff Slammed for Moose Poop Prank

Teens tricked into eating 'chocolate almonds'

(Newser) - If you're ever in the Canadian wilderness and somebody offers you a "chocolate-covered almond," beware. It might be moose poop. The parents of two Manitoba teenagers are furious after adults tricked their children into eating moose droppings on a school canoe trip, the CBC reports. One mother... More »

Alaska Grapples With Starving Moose Emergency

Collisions soar as hungry animals head for roads

(Newser) - Heavier-than-usual snowfall in Alaska this winter has created what officials are calling a moose crisis. Starving, weary moose are heading for roads and railroad tracks to escape the deep snow—up to 6 feet in some places—and the number of vehicle-moose collisions is soaring. The state has given the... More »

Canadians Sue Over Loose Moose

Injured Newfoundland drivers launch class-action suit

(Newser) - Dozens of Newfoundlanders who say their province has too many moose are taking their government to court. The plaintiffs in the class-action suit, including two drivers who were paralyzed after car accidents involving moose, charge that the government hasn't done enough to control populations of the animal. Moose were introduced... More »

Hunter's Bullet Wounds Moose, Kills Skier

Swedes probing bizarre accident

(Newser) - It's moose-hunting season in Sweden and authorities are investigating one of the most bizarre hunting accidents they've ever seen. Investigators believe a single bullet fired by a hunter ricocheted off a moose and traveled some distance before killing an elderly cross-country skier, the Local reports. The hunter was in shock... More »

Moose on the Loose Hits Saratoga Race Course

Wayward moose wanders onto ground of historic racetrack

(Newser) - Fans spotted a different kind of four-legged visitor yesterday at the Saratoga Race Course when a wayward moose wandered onto the grounds, reports the Albany Times-Union reports. Dozens of surprised onlookers—most of whom had never seen a wild moose before, let alone one on a racetrack—gathered to see... More »

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