Mexican Navy

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Report Bashes Mexico for 20K+ Who 'Disappeared'

Human Rights Watch slams gov't for kidnappings, corruption

(Newser) - With upwards of 20,000 people having disappeared during the six-year presidency of Felipe Calderón, which ended Dec. 1, human rights observers are slamming the Mexican police and military for its corruption and brutality, reports the Los Angeles Times . Many of those disappeared were taken by Mexico's notorious... More »

Mexico Disbands Corrupt Veracruz Police Force

Navy takes over law enforcement after corrupt cops sent packing

(Newser) - Mexican authorities have stamped out corruption in the Veracruz police force by stamping out the Veracruz police force. The port city's police department has been disbanded, and all 800 officers and 300 administrative staff have been fired, the BBC reports. The Mexican navy is taking responsibility for law enforcement... More »

Mexican Cocaine Hidden in Sharks

(Newser) - The Mexican Navy seized more than a ton of cocaine packed inside the bodies of frozen sharks on a freighter off the Yucatan coast headed for America, reports the BBC. The booty was pinpointed using dogs and x-ray machines, officials said. Drug fighters warned that powerful cartels are using increasingly... More »

3 Stories