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Homeless Vet 'Basically Baked to Death' in NY Jail

Riker's Island having trouble with mental illness, violence

(Newser) - Guards at Rikers Island are supposed to check on mentally ill inmates every 15 minutes. But when Jerome Murdough was booked for sleeping on a housing project roof, he was left unattended long enough to keel over dead from overheating, the AP revealed today. The former Marine was left alone... More »

Mom Spoke of Demons Before Driving Into Ocean

Ebony Wilkerson told police she was fleeing abusive ex-husband

(Newser) - The details surrounding how a pregnant mother managed to plow her minivan into the ocean with three kids on board just got more bizarre: Police say they pulled Ebony Wilkerson over hours before the incident after her sister reported that she was "not all here," NBC News reports.... More »

Almost 20% of Soldiers Had Mental Illness Before Enlisting

Trio of studies underscores problems in screening process

(Newser) - Three new studies raise questions about how well the military screens its recruits, finding that almost 20% of US soldiers had a common mental illness before enlisting in the Army. The studies were commissioned after the recent surge in military suicides , and they find that most soldiers with suicidal tendencies... More »

Older Dad? Mental Illness Risk Goes Up

But study shouldn't discourage older dads, experts say

(Newser) - Are older dads more likely to have troubled children? A wide-ranging new study suggests yes, linking older fathers to an increased risk of a wide range of mental disorders as well as lower grades in school and a higher risk of drug problems. Children born to 45-year-old fathers were more... More »

Creigh Deeds: As Son Stabbed Me, I Told Him I Loved Him

Talks about son Gus' struggle with mental illness with Anderson Cooper

(Newser) - Creigh Deeds saw his son walking across the yard toward him as he fed the animals in the family barn last November. "Hey bud, how'd you sleep?" Deeds said, waving. But just moments later, "I turned my back, and I took it twice in the back" as... More »

Creigh Deeds Introduces Mental Health Bills

7 weeks after son stabbed him, killed self

(Newser) - Seven weeks after Gus Deeds stabbed father Creigh and then fatally shot himself, the Virginia state senator has introduced three bills intended to improve the state's mental health system. On Nov. 18, Gus Deeds was released from an emergency custody order for a mental health evaluation, because no psychiatric... More »

Why the Mentally Ill Are Allowed to Own Guns

Federal, state laws won't budge on the issue

(Newser) - Mentally ill, and legally armed? America's latest gun-rights debate revealed a little-known loophole: that the mentally ill can often keep their guns, even after making violent threats, the New York Times reports. Most states abide by federal law, which requires guns to be confiscated only after someone has been... More »

Pitfall of Working for Amazon: Mental Illness?

BBC investigation finds fulfillment center conditions could increase risk

(Newser) - It's just about that most wonderful time of the year: for holiday shoppers, and for Amazon, which CNN last month reported would be hiring 70,000 seasonal workers to beef up the staffing at its more than 40 US fulfillment centers. Last year, thousands of these workers were converted... More »

Big Changes Coming to Mental Health Coverage

New rules require mental illnesses to be treated like physical ones

(Newser) - Kathleen Sebelius will reveal a new set of insurance parity rules today that require insurers to treat mental illness just as they would any physical illness, The Hill reports. The regulations will affect the majority of Americans with insurance, and among other things, they will ensure soldiers with traumatic brain... More »

It's About Mental Illness, Not Gun Laws

Aaron Alexis didn't get the care he needed: Charles Krauthammer

(Newser) - Don't blame the Navy Yard shooting on gun laws, blame it on the fact that Aaron Alexis didn't get the treatment for his mental illness that he so desperately needed, writes Charles Krauthammer in the Washington Post . Only a month prior, Alexis complained to the police about hearing... More »

Navy Yard Gunman Had Been 'Hearing Voices'

And he had a 'pattern of misbehavior' in the military

(Newser) - Aaron Alexis, who is now believed to have been the only shooter behind yesterday's Navy Yard massacre , suffered from serious mental issues, including paranoia and a sleep disorder, and had been hearing voices in his head, sources tell the AP . Alexis also suffered from PTSD, his father told investigators,... More »

In One Fight With Bipolar Disorder, a Loss of Self

A patient learns that mental-health experts ignore identity

(Newser) - Bipolar disorder sent Linda Logan on a terrifying journey in her thirties. A budding writer and mother of three, she was hospitalized several times with the illness and found herself losing all sense of identity. "I was stripped of my identity as wife, mother, teacher, and writer and transformed... More »

Nevada Bused 1.5K Mentally Ill to Other States

State officials defend policy, but critics say dangerous for patients

(Newser) - States all over America are wrestling with what to do about the tough, enduring, and expensive problem of mental illness. But Nevada came up with an innovative solution—bus them out of state. Since 2008, Nevada's top mental hospital has shipped out 1,500 people, sending at least one... More »

Hannibal Lecter Mask Seized From Stabbing Suspect

Dylan Quick says he fantasized about cannibalism since age 8

(Newser) - It sounds like the Texas student accused of stabbing 14 classmates on Tuesday was even more unbalanced than police first realized. Dylan Quick told investigators he has fantasized about cannibalism, necrophilia, and cutting off people's faces and wearing them like masks since age eight, reports KHOU-TV . Police also said... More »

Son of Pastor Rick Warren Kills Himself

Matthew Warren succumbed to 'wave of despair'

(Newser) - The Southern California church headed by popular evangelical Pastor Rick Warren said his 27-year-old son committed suicide today. Warren's Saddleback Valley Community Church near Los Angeles said in a statement that Matthew Warren had struggled with mental illness and deep depression. "Matthew was an incredibly kind, gentle and... More »

Parents Took Loughner's Gun as He Grew Unstable

He also cried at traffic stop on morning of Arizona shooting, documents show

(Newser) - Jared Lee Loughner started acting so erratically in the months leading up to his 2011 shooting spree that his parents confiscated his shotgun on the advice of the community college that expelled him , reports the Arizona Republic . (Loughner used a different weapon in the Tucson rampage.) His father even... More »

I Have Depression: Take Away My Right to a Gun

Wendy Button says government needs to protect people from themselves

(Newser) - Wendy Button once considered getting a gun after a scare with an intruder. But "then I remembered who I am," she writes in the New York Times . Button suffers from depression, and when it comes on, sometimes her "fight against the urge to die is so tough... More »

Subway Killing Suspect Assaulted Officer in Hospital

Erika Menendez reportedly grew upset after seeing herself on news

(Newser) - Erika Menendez, the woman accused of pushing Sunando Sen to his death in the New York City subway, attacked a corrections officer Monday evening while in a hospital emergency room, reports the New York Times . Menendez had been brought to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation, and the assault was... More »

Suspect in Subway Killing Had Attacked Twice Before

Erika Menendez spent years in and out of mental facilities: insiders

(Newser) - The woman suspected of fatally pushing Sunando Sen to his death on the New York subway had attacked before, the New York Times finds in a look at her history. Police say Erika Menendez, who has been undergoing mental health treatment in various forms for years, has been arrested three... More »

Psych Eval Ordered for Suspected Subway Pusher

Erika Menendez has history of mental illness, says family

(Newser) - Erika Menendez laughed so hard that she shook, and appeared "unhinged" last night at her arraignment on charges that she shoved a man to his death in the New York City subway, reports the New York Post . “You’re going to have to have your client stop laughing,... More »

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