Dusty Rhodes

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Wrestling Legend Dusty Rhodes Dead at 69

RIP 'American Dream'

(Newser) - One of professional wrestling's earliest and most colorful stars is gone: Dusty Rhodes, known as the "American Dream," died at age 69 at a hospital in Orlando, Fla., after taking a fall in his home, reports TMZ . His real name was Virgil Runnels. In announcing his death,... More »

Dusty Rhodes, NY Giants Series Hero, Dead at 82

(Newser) - Dusty Rhodes, the free-spirited outfielder whose pinch-hitting heroics helped the New York Giants to the 1954 World Series title, died yesterday at 82, the Daily News reports. Called “the worst fielder who ever played in a big league game” by one manager, Rhodes had a reputation for enjoying the... More »

2 Stories