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War Architect Blasts CIA, State Dept. for Iraq Fumbles

Ex-defense official says his advice was ignored

(Newser) - A top Iraq war architect slams the CIA and State Department for flawed handling of the build-up and eventual invasion in a new book, the Washington Post reports. Douglas Feith, former undersecretary of defense, takes shots at Colin Powell, Tommy Franks, and ex-occupation chief Paul Bremer, among others, for brushing... More »

Billions in US Funds Missing in Iraq

$9B lost to fraud and mismanagement by coalition authority

(Newser) - Following the invasion of Iraq, the US shipped $12 billion in “walking-around” money to Iraq's transitional government, the American-led Coalition Provisional Authority. An astonishing $9 billion has gone missing. Funds "entered a free-for-all where anyone with fingers could take it" as the "Coalition of the Willing turned... More »

Bremer: Bush OK'd Disbanding of Iraqi Army

Peeved ex-envoy says prez isn’t truthful about what he knew

(Newser) - Paul Bremer has sent the New York Times letters demonstrating President Bush’s knowledge of the plan to disband the Iraqi Army—a rebuff to Bush's recent comments that he was surprised by the now-unpopular decision. As head of the Coalition Provisional Authority, Bremer wrote to Bush of the plan... More »

Cleric Opposes Rebaathification

Sistani rejects law aimed at quelling Sunni insurgency

(Newser) - A bill allowing Saddam's party members back into power in Iraq has been rejected by that country's most powerful cleric. The law, aggressively  pushed by the U.S.,  would  allow former low-level Baathists--most of them Sunnis--to hold positions in government. Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, the powerful Shiite cleric, dismissed... More »

4 Stories