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2 EU Nations Pull Off Land Swap —Peacefully

Belgium, Netherlands solve a 'jurisdictional nightmare'

(Newser) - The Netherlands and Belgium, with their royals in attendance, on Monday signed a deal for a peaceful exchange of land between them for the mere fact it makes sense to do so. While the globe is littered with pieces of territory jealously held or fought over for historical reasons, the... More »

S. African Mount Up for Auction, Villagers Irate

Oprah, Bill Gates said to be among potential bidders for high life

(Newser) - Villagers at the foot of a South African mountain are incensed over plans to sell the land above them at a private auction, the Independent reports. The thousands of impoverished villagers live in cramped conditions and say the property, near Cape Town, should belong to the public. Bill Gates and... More »

Colo. Ranchers Battle Army Land Grab

Coloradans balk at plans to expand training base onto vast tract of rangeland

(Newser) - Ranchers in southeast Colorado have fought the US Army to a standstill over plans to expand a training site onto their land, the Wall Street Journal reports. An Army analysis found that the grasslands were ideal for combat training, and recommended the military acquire 7 million acres, but the ranchers... More »

Amazon Indians Win Repeal of Land Grab Laws

Decision hailed as major victory for indigenous people

(Newser) - Peru's Congress has revoked two laws that led to bloody clashes between police and indigenous protesters, CNN reports. Lawmakers voted overwhelmingly in favor of ditching the laws that opened up the country's Amazon region to mining, logging, and oil companies. Dozens of people died earlier this month when police moved... More »

4 Stories