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Firebombed Paper's Cover Now Boasts a Kissing Muslim

'Love is stronger than hate,' says 'Charlie Hebdo'

(Newser) - Remember the boundary-busting French satirical newspaper that was firebombed for making the Prophet Mohammed a "guest editor"? Journalists toned down the controversy this time around—not. In fact, right on the cover, a Muslim is planting a big, slobbery kiss on a figure representing the publication, Charlie Hebdo.... More »

Paris Mosque Saved Jews From Nazis

New French film tells Holocaust story

(Newser) - A touching but little-known Holocaust story: Paris’ Grand Mosque rescued Jews from the Nazis by providing them with Muslim identities. It wasn’t a straightforward movement, the New York Times reports. Instead, Jews were helped case by case, and no one knows for sure how many were saved—figures range... More »

Muslim Names Stall US Travel Visas

Travelers' applications vanish into 'administrative processing'

(Newser) - A student visa for a clean-cut French grad student to attend UC Berkeley sounds like a pretty routine matter—but not when his name is Mohamed Youcef Mami. Mami, who missed both his non-refundable flight and the start of his master's program waiting around in France for his mysteriously delayed... More »

French Food Chain Slammed for Switch to Halal

Lack of bacon burgers irks right-wing politicians

(Newser) - French fast-food chain Quick is under attack from nationalist politicians for switching to a Muslim-friendly menu in 8 of its 362 restaurants. The decision to make burgers from halal beef and replace bacon with turkey in the restaurants, all located in heavily Muslim areas, is an "unacceptable" sign of... More »

France Blinks in Burka Ban

Panel urges full veils barred in public facilities

(Newser) - The French government appears to be backing down a tad in the great burka ban controversy. While President Nicolas Sarkozy has called for a total ban on full Muslim veils, which he considers a sign of "debasement," a French government committee is recommending that burkas or nijabs be... More »

France Considers Burka Ban

(Newser) - France’s parliament is making noises about banning head-to-toe Islamic women’s dress such as the burka and niqab, the Times of London reports. Opponents called the the dress “a moving prison” and a “tomb," and say it's cropping up more in big cities. If the burka... More »

6 Stories