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Indiana Couple Sets Cracker Barrel Record

Ray and Wilma Yoder have visited every location in the US

(Newser) - Ray and Wilma Yoder's visit Monday to a new Cracker Barrel restaurant in Tualatin, Ore., was a special one. For one thing, they were greeted with applause and flowers. That's because the Cracker Barrel visit marked not only Ray's 81st birthday, but the couple's completion of... More »

These Are 5 of the Unhealthiest Meals You Can Order

Including a breakfast with 1,990 calories

(Newser) - The Center for Science in the Public Interest is out with its annual list of chain restaurant "meals" that are so packed with calories they're more like a full day (or more) worth of food, the Consumerist reports. Highlights from CSPI's list of eight:
  • The highest number
... More »

America's 3 Unhealthiest Meals

Check to see if your favorite chain restaurants are on this 'yummy' list

(Newser) - Jayne Hurley and Bonnie Liebman of the Center for Science in the Public Interest note it's not easy to win top "honors" in the category of "Xtreme Eating." But never fear: The winners of their "Worst Chain Restaurant Meals of the Year" "have what... More »

Sbarro Ready for Chapter 11, Round 2

Exiting bankruptcy in 2011 didn't appear to take

(Newser) - If at first you don't succeed, try, try, again: Probably not advice you'd want from your bankruptcy attorney, but Sbarro is getting ready to undergo its second round of Chapter 11, reports the Wall Street Journal . The pizza chain, which is carrying some $140 million in debt and... More »

New No. 3 US Chain: Starbucks

Unseats Burger King, Wendy's

(Newser) - The Whopper and the Frosty have officially been replaced by the Frappuccino: Starbucks is now the nation's No. 3 chain, having leapfrogged in front of burger giants Burger King and Wendy's, who, according to one researcher, have been struggling to find "their niche." In terms of... More »

Panda Express May Open in ... China

But chain's 'Chinese' food is very different from traditional fare

(Newser) - Panda Express is weighing an expansion to China—but it could be tough sell for the Chinese food chain, given that American-style Chinese food here is “very alien” in China, writer Jennifer 8. Lee tells NPR . Indeed, American-Chinese food is a cuisine all its own, she notes. Take General... More »

And the No. 1 Fast Food Chain in the World Is...

...not McDonald's, but Subway

(Newser) - McDonald’s may be just about as American as apple pie, but when it comes to global dominance, Subway wins. The sandwich chain has passed Mickey D’s to become the world’s largest restaurant chain, the Wall Street Journal reports. At the close of 2010, Subway’s worldwide locations... More »

Free Food Contests Pay Off for Chains

Advertising exposure trumps paltry cost of gift certificates

(Newser) - That year’s worth of free food you just got from a Denny’s or Chick-Fil-A promotion isn’t hurting the chains a bit—in fact, it’s the most effective advertising they do. For one, you don’t actually get a year’s worth. It’s usually just a... More »

Panera Will Post Calorie Counts

Gets the jump on potential calorie posting law

(Newser) - Panera Bread customers around the country soon will be able to tally calories for their smokehouse turkey panini and broccoli cheddar soup with just a glance at the menu board. The firm announced today that it will be the first nationwide chain to voluntarily post calorie information at all of... More »

Shh! Secret Restaurant Menus

Fast-food places have plenty of little-known options

(Newser) - In-N-Out Burger’s “secret menu” (veggie burgers, etc.) has gotten way too famous to really be considered a secret anymore—but Coupon Sherpa rounds up little-known items at other fast-food joints:
  • Chili’s: Though it’s not on the menu anymore, you can in fact still order the
... More »

Taco Bell Unveils Jaredesque Diet

But experts are skeptical about 'Christine' and 'Drive-Thru Diet'

(Newser) - Want to lose weight? Then run for the border, hit Taco Bell’s Drive-Thru Diet menu, and knock off 54 lbs in two years. Or at least that’s what happened to Christine, a Jared Fogle knockoff featured in new Taco Bell ads as a devotee of the chain's Fresco... More »

Rolling Stone Gets Into Restaurant Biz

Hollywood lounge plans to outclass Hard Rock; chain possible

(Newser) - Aiming to sidestep the pitfalls that have bedeviled countless other entertainment-industry players, Rolling Stone magazine is opening its own Hollywood restaurant. “We've been looking for the ideal opportunity to expand the Rolling Stone brand," co-founder Jann Wenner tells the Los Angeles Times . And no, it’s not because... More »

Sure, We Read the Calorie Charts—Then Eat More

Customers say they seek guidance from signs, but receipts tell a different story

(Newser) - A new study casts doubt on the effectiveness of calorie-counting charts in fast-food restaurants. Half of those surveyed in New York City say they noticed the charts, and about 28% say the information influenced their orders for the better. But a look at overall customer receipts shows people are ordering... More »

Denny's Sued Over Salty Food

(Newser) - A consumer activist group is taking Denny's to court over the "dangerously high" salt levels in the restaurant chain's food, Reuters reports. The suit, filed on behalf of a New Jersey man with high blood pressure, seeks to require Denny's to list the sodium content of its food on... More »

Mickelson Looks to Buy Waffle House Franchise

Golfer's company makes $20.2 million offer for budget restaurant chain

(Newser) - Phil Mickelson has made a bid for SouthEast Waffles, a group of 105 Waffle House restaurants in four southern states, the Tennessean reports. Mickelson’s GS Acquisitions offered to buy SouthEast Waffles out of bankruptcy for $20.2 million. Though neither Mickelson nor his two other partners at GS have... More »

Canuck Doughnut Standby Supplants Dunkin' in Wary NYC

(Newser) - Many New Yorkers met their first Canadian doughnuts today as the Tim Hortons chain took over 12 locations previously occupied by Dunkin’ Donuts, BlackBook reports. “My frantic runs to Canada to buy tins of Tim Hortons ground coffee are over,” a delighted expatriate said. “Everything in New... More »

McD's Huge Angus Burger To Go National

(Newser) - McDonald’s will roll out its deluxe Angus burger nationwide later this year, the Chicago Tribune reports. Until now, the one-third-of-a-pound burger made with premium beef has been available only in a handful of test markets. Though the fast-food chain has said publicly it would delay the launch until next... More »

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