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Kansas Bill: No Welfare Cash at Movies, Psychics

Gov. Sam Brownback expected to sign new social services bill into law

(Newser) - A new social services bill in Kansas could issue some of the country's strictest rules on how welfare recipients spend state funds. Though the federal government has banned the use of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families cash benefits on booze, gambling, and adult entertainment, Bill 2258 would block their... More »

GOP Bill Would Can Welfare Work Requirements

Republicans have slammed Obama for "gutting" welfare reform

(Newser) - Republicans have criticized President Obama for "gutting" welfare reform, but now they're working on a House bill that could gut welfare reform, Talking Points Memo reports. Introduced by Rep. Virginia Foxx, the bill would let states simplify workers' training by cutting and consolidating redundant programs. That means work... More »

Romney's New Target: Obama's Welfare Waivers

Ad attacks state waivers plan

(Newser) - Mitt Romney is opening up a new front in the war for the White House. A new ad accuses President Obama of overhauling Bill Clinton's welfare reform, resulting in a program that doesn't require recipients to work. "Under Obama's plan, you wouldn't have to work... More »

States Ignoring $5B in Stimulus Cash for Needy

Say they can't afford matching funds, despite benefits

(Newser) - About half of US states are passing on a $5 billion pool of federal stimulus funds because of a requirement they put up 20% of the money, ProPublica reports. Only 27 states have applied for money under the program, which gives them wide discretion on how to distribute it—some... More »

Arnold: Budget Crisis Is Not a Game of Chicken

Gov defends stance amid standoff

(Newser) - Tensions are soaring in California as Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger faces off against Democratic lawmakers in the state’s budget crisis. But the governator is keeping calm as he defends his position, the Financial Times reports. He’s calling for welfare reform before he’ll sign off on a budget, but... More »

Welfare Rolls Soar Along With Unemployment

Many make shift as jobless benefits run out

(Newser) - Welfare rolls are on the rise nationwide for the first time since President Clinton signed a bill overhauling the system in 1996, the Wall Street Journal reports. Welfare recipients’ ranks fell in some areas at the beginning of the recession, but now 23 of the 30 biggest US states are... More »

6 Stories