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Ollie the Bobcat Escapes DC Zoo

She's 25 pounds and resembles a big house cat

(Newser) - A 25-pound bobcat has sprung herself from the National Zoo in Washington, DC. Ollie went missing Monday morning, probably through an opening in the mesh around her enclosure, reports WTOP . Zoo officials hope she doesn't get into the adjacent Rock Creek Park, which they describe as the perfect place... More »

First Bobcat in 100 Years Spotted on Georgia Island

Jekyll Island may have solution to its deer problem

(Newser) - Not long after authorities recommended hiring sharpshooters to thin out herds of white-tailed deer on Georgia's Jekyll Island, a more natural solution was spotted: Remote-sensing cameras set up to measure the deer population captured images of a lone bobcat, the first of its kind known to have been on... More »

Bobcat Found Hanged Before Football Game

Home of the Wildcats slams 'despicable' prank

(Newser) - There is a long history of rivalry between Coffee County Central and Tullahoma High School in central Tennessee—pranks in years past have included a toilet placed in the middle of a football field—but authorities say things have gone way too far. A dead bobcat was found hanged from... More »

Three-Legged Bobcat Goes Back to Wild

(Newser) - Darlean, a three-legged bobcat, was released into the wild southeast of Dallas yesterday along with several raccoons and families of possums, the Morning News reports. Darlean lost her back right paw in a claw trap, and subsequently learned to balance on three legs before she was captured by animal-control officers... More »

4 Stories